June 12, 2015

In Which Dea Reads It Twice

May 27, 1192

"Uncle Conant!" Dea hadn't seen her uncle since he'd graduated from university, so she pushed her thoughts about why he was here to the corner of her mind and accepted his embrace. Besides--surely if Uncle Farilon were to deliver a claim, he'd do so himself? If he even wanted to!

Uncle Conant had just decided to pay them a visit now that he'd no longer have to deal with her father. Yes, she'd tell herself that until proven wrong. "How have you been?"

"Quite well! In fact, I'm to be a father come January."

"You'll be a wonderful one." Far better than hers, no matter why he was here. "Pass my congratulations to Meraleene?"

"I shall. I do hope the baby gets her lovely red hair." Her uncle grinned--but quickly regained a face of business, one eye darting to her grandfather at his desk. "Though, forgive a new father's excitement; we can talk more about the baby and everything else at dinner. I have a letter from Farilon for you."

Dea's heart faltered. Danthia had talked him into making his claim after all. "Oh?"

"It's here on the desk." Her grandfather pointed, then leaned back, as if he feared its touch would set him aflame. "I haven't read it."

"Have you, Uncle?"

Her uncle nodded. "I was there when Farilon wrote it."

That could have meant anything or nothing.

Dea unfolded the note against the desk's surface, then brought it to her eye, her uncle's light and careless letters the same ones she remembered. I, Prince Farilon of Naroni, Son of King Roderick and Queen Laralita of Naroni...

She swallowed. This was very much a declaration. But, she forced herself to keep at it.

...hereby declare that in light of the death of my half-brother King Ietrin, I pledge to...

She blinked. There wasn't a thing wrong with her reading, and she'd known that since she'd worked through her first book of fables at four. But, she had to read it again.


She handed him the letter knowing that he'd want to read it for himself, but her glee left him no chance to do so.

"He's not going to make a claim! He says he supports me as queen and that he and his descendants will maintain their rightful places in line after me!"

"What?" Her grandfather scanned the page for himself, his grin widening with each word. "My God! Conant, why didn't you reassure us?"

"It was supposed to be a secret until Dea knew. Danthia thinks Farilon sent me here with a claim--and I don't envy him when she finds out the truth."

Well, Dea would make sure she didn't touch him. Surely the woman wasn't so dim as to make a personal enemy of the Queen of Naroni! "Uncle, you must give him a kiss for me."

"And one for me as well!" Her grandfather added as he stood and stepped around the desk--something he'd surely never said of a son of King Roderick! "Dea, if I were to die right this minute, I'd go out a very happy man."

"But don't die this minute, as I will need your counsel at first." She paid him a firm hug. Her uncles' support had been a welcome surprise, but her grandfather's had always been steadfast. "Let's go tell Mother together."



Van said...

Coronation is set for July 1st. Since both Roderick and Ietrin were crowned in January, and Dea looks to be the opposite sort of ruler, it seemed appropriate. :)

Orilon said...

I was concerned at first that Danthia had bullied him into making a claim, but I'm glad to see that he did this instead. Yay for the support, and yay for a competent/empathetic ruler for once.

Ann said...

Mwahaha, Danthia eat your heart out! XD And son't you dare touch Farilon or the twins in any way!

Ekho said...

Haha awesome! Loved the build up, good writing.

I wonder how Danthia is going to respond to this, she really needs to just go away, I'd say I hope she dies in childbirth but I doubt she will be letting Farilon anywhere near her. Even if she pressures the twins to try and make a claim, or makes a claim in their steed, surely this declaration will nullify that right?

Thinking she will try and find a way to get around this, she doesn't seem like the type to accept her losses and move on.

Van said...

Orilon: I'm sure Danthia thinks she's succeeded in that. But, it seemed Farilon wouldn't go down that easily. ;)

Yeah, Naroni will finally get a decent ruler! :D

Ann: XD At this point, I don't see what Danthia could gain from harming Farilon or the twins, since she thinks the claim has been made--and once she learns it hasn't, there's nothing she can do about it anyway, unless she wants to assassinate all three sisters and make it look like an accident, which she's just not clever enough to do convincingly.

Ekho: Thanks!

Oh, Danthia will be pissed... but powerless for now. I don't think Danthia and Farilon will be having any more children. Farilon doesn't want any more children with Danthia, and Danthia doesn't want any more at all. Plus they each find each other thoroughly repulsive. But, there are other ways to die.

Yeah, the twins (plus any future children of Farilon, as well as grandchildren and onward) are covered by Farilon's refusal to line-jump. Once Dea's safely on the throne, everybody will have to wait their turn unless a succession crisis pops up.

Anonymous said...

Well, looks like Farilon is smarter/more cunning than he believes himself to be. xD
Danthia will have a lot of bald spots once she finds out. From tearing her hair out.

Van said...

Guess so. XD

Oh, she will not be pleased. Not at all...

Winter said...

The King is dead, long live The Queen!

Danthia better not do anything to anger Queen Dea. As that toy countess can tell her, Dea takes no prisoners.

Van said...

Yep! :D

Yeah, if Danthia has two brain cells to rub together, she won't make an enemy of Dea. She's fair, but she's definitely not a pushover.

Ann said...

Ooooh, I like the thought of Danthia having getting bald spots. I vote she takes to wearing ridiculous wigs that will make her a laughingstock! XD

Van said...


Ren said...


Van said...


S.B. said...

And a kiss for Farilon's newly grown backbone as well. At this point, I really couldn't believe he'd do what he really really does not want to do simply to please a woman he hates. Completely insufficient consequences.

Van said...

While Farilon may not be the most assertive of people, he really did have nothing to gain from being king. Danthia probably would have even been more insufferable after getting what she wanted. It was good timing on the part of his backbone.