August 2, 2016

In Which Rina Laments the Apparent Lack of Real Problems

November 9, 1201

"I'll level with you, Alyssin: this isn't exactly how I planned on spending my day off." And Alyssin was, at least, a person who could usually handle such honesty. She probably knew she could be a bit much for some people--and that, in most cases, Rina did enjoy her company. And it wasn't even her company that was the problem!

It was just this ridiculous conversation. "It's not my job to convince you that you don't look old, especially since your bedroom mirror ought to be enough for you in that regard. You don't look old at all!"

"And you're sure of this?" Dear Lord. It wasn't even like Alyssin to care much if she looked old or not! "I've noticed a distinct lack of male gaze lately."

"Knowing the males likely to throw such gazes? Take that as a stroke of good luck."

"Easy for you to say; unlike mine, your husband actually fucks you from time to time."

Not quite sure how Alyssin could think so casually about her own brother fucking anyone, Rina glanced over to the desk on the opposite wall, where Severin sat, slumped on the the table's surface. He hadn't had the day off, but he'd had an early enough lull that he must have seen fit to catch a break before he headed out to pick up the quads. The bedroom would have been more comfortable, especially with company around, but that spot did get a nice stream of sun at this time of year.

"If that's the problem, then talk to Aidric."

"Why? Half the time I don't want him fucking me anyway." Alyssin sighed. Severin had more than once voiced suspicion that both Aidric and Alyssin were in the habit of satisfying their urges elsewhere, but that wasn't any of Rina's business. "You know, I never had any problems like this before that Dora woman showed up. I don't think we look that much alike, but everyone else seems to think we do--aside from her obviously being younger than me. That seems to be the only reason anyone notices how old I am."

"Seriously? You're upset about random men not checking you out, and that's Dora's fault? Alyssin, don't you have any real problems to worry about?"

"Look, I get it--it's stupid. But it bothers me, all right? It's been bothering me ever since that forest-dweller pointed it out."


Alyssin turned her head and Rina leaned over to see Severin stir in his seat. She hadn't thought he'd been paying their conversation any attention, if she'd thought he'd even been awake. And, now that she thought about it, he'd returned home after Alyssin had told her she'd run into that woman.

"Why the hell would Dora be on first-name terms with one of the forest-dwellers?"


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