August 17, 2016

In Which Isidro Has Better Things to Do

January 17, 1202

"So... a familiar is... some sort of external extension of the soul?"

It was, undoubtedly, more complicated that that--more complicated than his uncle's records since the bizarre incident of Balin's creation, more complicated than whatever research he'd managed had probably pieced together. But, based on Isidro's understanding of the journal passages, based on what he'd tried to relay to Lonriad once he'd returned from his walk... "I guess that's the best way of summarizing it. You said that your grandson sometimes blanks out every now and then? My guess is that when he does that, he's inhabiting the kitten's body temporarily."

Like his uncle must have done with Balin every so often, even kingdoms away. That had been how he'd kept tabs on him. "It's a separate entity the rest of the time, but he can take it over at will. It's a part of him, but not. I guess it'd be the same with Yvanette and the cat, if she chose to do so; you said she doesn't need to transform any more?"

Lonriad nodded. "She hasn't, at least. I doubt she's tried. She always hated it, ever since she was a little girl."

"Explains why she was such a gloomy child. I take it this was a manifestation of whatever magic was left in Ashe after Jadin and I fished him out of the sex pond?"

His brother-in-law's eye twitched. It might have been the wrong choice, saying that, but he had now. "You knew about that?"

"I figured it out some years back--but, I had more firsthand information to work with than most, and it's a stretch of the possible anyway. I don't think Ashe needs to worry about anyone else who might know."

"Does he know that you know?"

Isidro shook his head. "I'd imagine it's better for his well-being if he doesn't. He doesn't need another track to worry about covering, and I'll assure you that I have no interest in disclosing his secrets."

"I'm sure you don't, but now I'm worried that I'll let loose that you know. Then again, Ashe might already be anxious about how much you know--what with all that time Aspen spends pestering your son, and now you heading out here with me to find out more about familiars."

"I'll let you be the judge of that, then. You know him far better than I do." And if he thought about it... he hadn't known his uncle all that much better than Lonriad had. "You can keep my uncle's journals. My aunt said it was all right if you did, and you shouldn't have to go through me any time you want something looked up. Besides, my uncle was a doctor; chances are, anything he documented to help himself, he would have wanted it to help others if it could."

Lonriad's head slumped to the side, as if his frown was weighted unevenly. "You're sure?"

"Of course I'm sure. It's like Aunt Amani said: you're my family. I trust you." As if their first trip out here handed been proof of that. "Besides, I have better things to do than to puzzle out my uncle's handwriting for you."


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