August 20, 2016

In Which Adrius Considers the New Times

February 24, 1202

"So. Tomorrow's the big day." Adrius pulled Anna a little closer, unsure of how so much time could have possibly passed since they'd sat on this same bench as a young betrothed couple. "You know, I'm still not quite sure how the two of us are old enough to have a son who's getting married."

Anna shook her head. He still loved the feel of her hair against his cheek. "Never mind us; think of how your mother must be feeling right now."

"The advantage to them not marrying on Christmas Day, I suppose; she has another grievance to distract her from that thought."

"I rather like the idea of the anniversary of their first kiss, though."

"I rather do to." He sighed. "A pity we didn't get to choose our own wedding date--make it something significant to the two of us."

"Well." Anna perched herself upon his lap with a fluid leap, her hand weaving its way through his hair. "It has significance now, at least. Rather like Telvar's favorite childhood books. Care to read through some of them again on the eve of his wedding? For old times' sake?"

"Old, and new. It won't be long before we have to decide which ought to the be first book we read to a grandchild."


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Van said...

Filler. Not that I'm up for much else at the moment.