August 26, 2016

In Which Celina Aims for a Shift in Urges

March 30, 1202

"You know, I've got to wonder what they think about at this age--if they can think, that is. But surely they must? I mean... do you ever have a minute when you're not thinking? But then again, babies don't have a concept of thinking. Hell, they don't have a concept of anything, I suppose. So, then how do they think? And if they can't think, then how do they learn? When does the thinking start?"

Not having spent much time with babies--before Farr was born, at least, and there was no way Nearina knew about that--Celina couldn't admit to having wondered such a thing. But, it was an interesting thought.

Interesting enough, at least, to distract from that fact that even having given birth mere days ago and the fatigue of new motherhood still wasn't enough to make the happily married Nearina any less attractive.

God. She had to get over it. Nearina was her friend--and Celina would be joining Marsden in Dovia once she graduated anyway. That wasn't as far off as she would have preferred, it had occurred to her recently, but it would hopefully be enough time to get most of her pent-up energy out of her system.

Meanwhile, cooing over Nearina's baby could help spur on what Celina hoped would be the next set of urges in her life. The next baby she had, of course, would have her as the birthing parent, and the primarily nurturing parent.

Probably, anyway.

"Whatever she's thinking, it only contributes to her cuteness, I'm sure."

"She does have a lot of that, thanks to her father." Nearina tapped her daughter on the nose--which did, at this stage, resemble Oswald's somewhat.

But, Celina shrugged that off. "Oh, I don't think that was his single-handed effort."

"Ha! You and your flattery." Flattery? Lord, was that why Nearina's sister was always giving her the side-eye? At least Nearina herself hadn't picked up on it. Or had she?

No--of course she hadn't. Nearina and Oswald had been joined at the hip since they'd been old enough to realize the practical perks of possessing genitalia. If it even occurred to Nearina that anyone else could be interested, she was well past caring at this point.

"Care to hold her? She's probably wondering how arms that aren't drenched in sweat feel."

"I doubt you're half as sweaty as you think you are." At the very least, the presence of the baby had Celina's own sweatiness at bay. "But I'd happy to hold her if you'd like a break."


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Van said...

Lucky Honora is the only one of Garrett and Nanalie's daughters to dodge Garrett's chin! Both Nearina and Asalaye have it in its full glory.