June 9, 2016

In Which Wolf Dispels the Loneliness

September 27, 1200

"God, I'm just so glad you're all right--both of you," Wolf added in haste as he remembered the baby in his arms. Was it wrong that he'd been more worried about Gennie than he'd been about their child? His firstborn son and heir?

A couple seconds of consideration was enough to make him doubt that. He knew Gennie, had known and loved her for years. His knowing and loving little Jadin had only begun today. Of course he would have been more concerned about Gennie.

"Sweet of you to have worried, but Arydath said it was the easiest first labor she'd seen in years." And the sight of Gennie, stretched atop the bed in calm content, air more that of someone who'd just woken from a restful sleep than someone who had just birthed a sturdy infant, was succinct visual evidence of that claim. "You know, as uncomfortable as I was the last few months, I think I'll miss having him inside of me. I never felt alone."

Wolf took to rubbing their son's back through the swaddling. Some part of Gennie had probably felt alone ever since Dalston had--in her mind--jilted her. Wolf wasn't any more sensitive or intelligent than the average man of his age, but he hadn't been so naive as to believe that a baby would fix their marriage. But, if Jadin's presence eased Gennie...

"You won't be alone for a while yet. From what I know about babies--which admittedly isn't much--they need their mothers for years. Hell, I still need my mother from time to time."

"Hmm. Me too. I suppose you're right."

"It's not often that I am, but it's bound to happen every once in a while." He cradled the baby against his elbow and stuck out his tongue; Jadin returned that greeting with a confused blink. "He got your eyes. I'm glad about that."

"Mmm." Gennie twirled a lock of her hair about her finger with an absent-minded sigh. "But once he figures out how to smile, I hope we find he got yours."



Van said...

So... apparently little Jadin has the same birthday as one of his cousins. Donnie and Laveria's son Rifden was born on September 27 of the previous year. Oops. :S

(There goes my ridiculous and compulsive plan for Severin to have a descendant born on each possible day of the year before going into repeats...)

(Er, excluding February 29th, since Naroni would actually be on the Julian calendar, but I can more or forget about that as long as I ignore leap years for purposes of post dates, birthdays, wedding dates, death dates, conception dates, etc.)

(My apologies to any readers who were born on February 29th and were wondering if any of the characters in the Naroni universe shared their birthday. :S)

S.B. said...

Ignoring leap years probably attracts the attention of various unpleasant supernatural creatures...Best be careful. I like compulsive plans, though.

I love these two guys. Wolf has such clear self knowledge and it expands to include Gennie. Jadin's eyes are beautiful.

Van said...

Yeah, leap years are pretty serious business where many supernaturals are concerned... XD

Wolf is smarter than he thinks he is, particularly when it comes to reading other people. He and Gennie aren't always on the same page, but he can usually get a decent read on how she's feeling at any given moment.