June 14, 2016

In Which Camaline Sanctions the Safer Practice

October 18, 1200

"Good Lord. Those grey eyes are relentless," Camaline half-laughed and half-grumbled as she honed in on Prior's newborn son--her first grandchild. What a chore his birth had turned out to be! Neva had labored long enough that the women helping her had reached the point where they'd decided a napping rotation was in order. Camaline, as it figured, had been the one dozing off in one of the guest rooms when the baby had finally emerged.

But, looking at him now, it was hard to begrudge him for it. And the grey eyes, though clearly Neva's, were also those of Camaline's father--so, if she'd feared the baby would spark any question of Prior's maternity, she was no longer concerned.

"Yes, Grandfather Roderick's descendants seem more likely to have them than not. It's a little odd, but at least they're nothing horrible to look at--not on this little fellow, and certainly not on his mother." Prior smirked, his own Lettie-blue eyes twinkling. He and Neva had been betrothed since childhood--probably due to some fear on the part of Sparron or Octavius that he'd otherwise pursue Alina--and they hadn't had much to say to each other before they'd been nearly grown, but they'd become quite fond of each other since marrying. "Do you think Neva will object if I ask to name him for Father? After that labor, she deserves first naming rights, but... well, he's Father's first grandchild. Her father already has her sister's children."

"I see no problem with at least asking." She looked down at the baby again. A round, red-haired, grey-eyed baby was about the opposite of what came to mind when she heard the name 'Sparron', but if every son born to every parent in Naroni for the next hundred years was named for the best friend she'd ever had, that still wouldn't have been honor enough for him. "Lorn probably still feels too young to be a grandfather, so it might hammer in his age, a grandson named for him. Besides, he's still alive, and your father isn't; it's usually safer practice to name children for any deceased parents first."

"Well, you and Aunt Leara are both alive, so it's lucky he's a boy, then." Prior raised the baby to his shoulder and kissed the side of his head. Already he wore fatherhood well. Just like his own father had when he'd been born. "He would have been Camaline had he been a girl--or I would have fought for that, at least."

"You might have lost that one." She wouldn't mention that she'd only mentioned Lorn feeling insecure about his age because that's how she would have felt if presented with a descendant named 'Camaline'. "Ah, but you'll have a girl and then another girl before long. Just focus on this little one for now."

"That's the plan." Mindful of the boy's head, Prior lowered him somewhat in an attempt to meet his eyes. "Well, son: shall we go make the case for your name to your mama?"



Van said...

Another "eh, maybe I'll update tonight after all" post.

S.B. said...

Camaline makes such a lovely grandmother. She's just plain beautiful at any age. At first I wondered why the practice would be safer but didn't take me that long to realize...yeah. Duh.

Prior's eyes are certainly beautiful in that light, too.

Van said...

Sparkling eyes: one of the raaaaaare upsides to all the Dovian nobles inbreeding. XD

Camaline is gorgeous. Something about that skin has a bit of an ageless look, which is why the Sadiel sisters all got it. She'll probably end up getting all the "I can't believe you're that old" comments that Renata gets.