June 18, 2016

In Which Sevvie Challenges the All Day Every Day

November 29, 1200

"Just burning off some magic?" It was a stupid question; Yvanette would never lounge around in cat form if it wasn't necessary. But, for lack of a more biting response at the moment, Sevvie's wife nodded as best her altered neck allowed. "I hope the rest of your day was a little more interesting."

Her ear twitched. It probably hadn't been. Sevvie stifled the urge to sigh. A pity that Yvanette hadn't found a career that had sparked her interest--but, if she were out of the castle all day, she'd probably spend most of her energy fearing she'd have to transform at an inopportune time.

There had to have been a way to improve her quality of life, something more permanent than his guard shifts at the old ruins, or Lysi and Lythe worshiping their beautiful sister-in-law like eight-year-olds were apt to do. There had to have been.

Why hadn't either of them figured it out yet?

"I'm going to lie down. Join me when you're ready?"

Her four-point tread turned from rustling on the rug to clicks on the hardwood as he slung himself onto the bed. As he settled, she reached the wardrobe and returned to her body. She dressed quickly, as she always did; at this point, she didn't mind him looking, but if she was dressed...

Well, then things were normal.

"How was your day?"

"Eh. Dull." It had been, and he was never sure whether or not a dull on his part made her feel better or worse about her own. But, she'd hated it most if he wasn't honest. "Nice scenery by the river, of course, but nothing happened there that doesn't happen every day."

"That describes things around here as well." Yvanette sighed--and plucked a stray, short hair from her bodice. "Sometimes I wonder if we're all not just living the same day over and over."

"God, that's a horrifying thought--but at least I know I still get to see you every day."

That sufficed for a small smile, he noted as she shuffled over to lean against him. "You're always the highlight of my all day every day, that's for sure."

"Heh. Well... I do what I can." He rested his head against hers, the scent of her perfumed hair a brief respite from his lingering lethargy, at least until he wondered if what he could do would ever be enough. "For this all day every day, that is. We'll figure out a way to get over today and get on with tomorrow--some day."



Van said...

Huh. Next post is the last of 1200 already.

S.B. said...

This story arc has felt hopeful, charming, satisfying in the way an unlikely romance with a happy ending feels, and now ominous. It's like taunting the gods - I'm bored, give me something interesting and fulfilling to do. Ok here's a monster! Tedium can look pretty good from the other side.

I really like these two. They deserve more than the drudgery of relentless sameness.

Van said...

There's a definite "be careful what you wish for" vibe here, isn't there? :S

But yes--Sevvie and Yvanette do deserve a lot better.