June 15, 2016

In Which Congren Isn't Averse to Sharing

November 14, 1200

"Leaving already, pretty boy?" Congren indulged himself with one last leer over that lithe young body-- muscles subtle yet clear, cock still impressive despite now being flaccid.

Damn. An afternoon like a vignette from a dirty book: university student stopped by the ranch for directions, asked for a cup of water as well, 'accidentally' spilled it all over himself and just had to take off his tunic. For all Congren knew, this kid knew exactly where the nearest village was and how best to get there.

"I do have to get to the bookseller's shop before it closes--unless you happen to have a copy of Euclid's Elements lying around here."

"If I did, I'd have to require a favor of you before lending it." Congren winked, bringing a smirk to the young man's face. Who was this student, anyway? He dressed like a commoner and claimed to be from Dovia, but Dovian commoners as a whole didn't seem to bother sending their children off to Naroni for further education. And he had those grey eyes that so many of the nobles had. Somebody's bastard? That nose could have been Jadin of Veldora's. But Jadin's eyes, if Congren remembered correctly, had been blue like Searle's.

"I can't say I wouldn't oblige, but I'd need to see the text first. In any case, I'll certainly be back--but you wouldn't happen to know any other men in this country who are game for a good fuck every once in a while, do you?"

"Oh?" Congren sprung from the bed and dashed for the young man, yanking that Greek god body tight and close. "Am I going to have to share you?

"That's fine. You're going to have to share me too."

"I'm glad you understand. Exclusivity isn't in my particular best interests right now, I assure you."

"That's what I like to hear." Congren leaned in to nip the man's ear, than ran his tongue down that blond jawline before releasing him. "Well, unfortunately, I can't give you too many names; most men like us don't like word getting out, after all, so it's a matter of luck to a large extent. But I have a map of a few established rendez-vous points where you might meet someone looking for the same things. You can keep it if you like; I haven't had to refer to it in years."

"I'd appreciate that. Maybe I'll run into you in one of those places at some point."

"Oh, it's bound to happen eventually." Congren smirked. He'd been making the rounds since he was sixteen. He'd thought he'd fucked every willing man in the country until this one had shown up. "You'll get to know a few faces, maybe--or at least a few chests and cocks and asses. Most of the names I know are names that won't do you much good, like Casimiro de Cervantes; he used to be up for a good time, but he seems to have found himself a steady lay somewhere."

"The knight? Lady Ellona's husband?" Kid would have known Lady Ellona, being a student and all. "Interesting."

"She knows, if that's what you're wondering. She doesn't care; in her books, fucking men beats being King Ietrin. Oh, and there's also Searle Kemorin--Lord Severin's second son."

"What?" White face, wide eyes. Odd. No reason for a foreign student to know who Searle Kemorin was. "Unc--uh, Sir Searle? Really?"

"Oh, definitely, but he claims he likes women too, if you believe that sort of thing. In any case, he's always eager, but he's a pain in the ass--moans 'Oh, Sparron!' every time he comes."

"Yes, that... that would get annoying." Didn't look so much annoyed as he did grossed out, though. Yes, must have been some Kemorin's bastard. Lord knew there were a lot of them. Might have even been Searle's bastard, if Searle really liked women as much as he said he did. "Thanks for the heads-up."



Van said...

For the record, Searle is definitely bi, but anyone of any gender will always be a distant second to Sparron for him.

Meanwhile, Congren is definitely a biphobe. Hopefully he can gain some perspective on that eventually.

S.B. said...

Congren is kind of a jerk, isn't he. There's a snicker in his voice.

And ackkk...what a way to find out the truth, at the rough end of that snicker and only a marginal poker face.

Van said...

Oh, Congren is definitely an asshole. He has plenty of reasons to be bitter--being gay in 13th century Europe could not have been an easy life--but he makes no effort to spare anyone from his jerkishness, even people who have done him zero harm. It's not impossible that he'll grow out of it, but we'll see.

Lucky for Searle, Celina has nothing to gain from spreading word about his relationship with Sparron. If anything, she'll probably find him a little more interesting now--but it still came as a surprise. :P