May 24, 2016

In Which Rona Offers Likewise

May 4, 1200

"Well, Nato insists on going back to campus today," Riona began with a sigh as she returned from her son's bedroom. "I wish he'd stay here a few more days. I know his fits aren't as frequent as they were when he was a kid, but I'm not really comfortable with him living out there all by himself.

"But then if he rode out there every day, what if he fell off his horse?" That couldn't have been what Riona wanted to hear--Rona wouldn't have wanted to hear it herself, surely--but it might have been what she needed to hear. Fits or not, Nato was an adult now.

Not that it was so easy to tell herself that about Yvanette. Or Aspen. Aspen--still recovering from her own illness, having refused to leave Nato's side since Isidro had retrieved him from the university. Thank God, however, that she'd been there. "And he's not alone. There are seven other boys in his house, plus all of the other students. And you know how Aspen is; on the off-chance Nato can shake her for five minutes after this, she'll strong-arm Darry into tailing him for her."

"I'm just so relieved she was there. Sorry about his being in her room, though."

"Don't worry about that. Aspen's not a good liar; nothing untoward happened."

"Good. She can stay here until she recovers, if she likes--if she doesn't follow Nato back to campus."

"Thank you, but Ashe insisted that she return home until she's better. I'm sure he had to assign Darry to spy duty to get her to agree to that, but at least she'll be off her feet for a few days."

Off her feet, and free of sick people she can 'cure'. Colds had been rampant on campus lately--but Armion was the pinnacle of good health at this time of year.

"I hope she's better soon. Tell her that if she needs anything--after how she helped Nato--"

Rona nodded. "I will. And likewise, for Nato. I think he's helped Aspen in the past too."



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S.B. said...

I'm up to date and disappointed there isn't more to read yet! So many weddings. I love Yvanette and Sevvie. I'm really fond of Nato just at this moment and uneasy about his future: you're not hesitant when it comes to characters dying. Alina is gorgeous. Celina is fabulous - what wonderfully incredible nerve. I have a bad feeling about Aspen who can't seem to see that anxiety can hurt as much as physical illness and that she is causing it. I've enjoyed catching up so much!

Van said...

Aww, thanks, Beth! I'm planning on whipping up the next post right after I reply to you here, so... here's hoping I don't get distracted? XD

I'm always glad to hear that you like my characters because I always love the way you and Gayl write yours. They're always so multi-layered and complex and real. :)