May 17, 2016

In Which Cat's Cousin Calls

April 25, 1200

"Does your nanny know that you're out of bed?"

Cat looked up from her toys to see her cousin standing at the door. She coughed; her papa had probably told Aspen's mama that she was sick, so Aspen stopping by was a surprise.

A good surprise, though! If company was around, then at least she'd get a chance to do something. "I'm not that sick. And I'm bored! Nanny never lets me do anything when I'm sick."

"Sick enough for others to fret, but not so sick that your want to lie in bed all day." Aspen laughed under her breath, though Cat didn't see what was so funny. "That's never fun--not until you're old enough that it gets you out of school, anyway."

"I'm almost old enough for school! Why couldn't this sick have waited until then?" But that wasn't the problem just then--not when the wedding was in four days! "I wish it would hurry up and leave!"

"Adonis and Alina's wedding, I take it?" Aspen wasn't their cousin--they were Cat's cousins on her mama's side, while Aspen was on her papa's--but everyone knew each other. Aspen knew how fun Adonis and Alina were. "Yes, that should be an interesting one."

"I know! If I don't get to go, I'll-- I-- I might die!"

"We can't have that!" Aspen gasped, knee to the floor as she scooped Cat into her arms. "You don't seem very sick to me, at any rate. I'm sure you'll be more than well enough to go to the wedding."

"I hope you're right."

"Older cousins are always right, Cat."

"Nuh-uh! Darry's papers always make Mama curse."

"That's because Darry's an idiot." Aspen brushed some of Cat's hair behind her ear and kissed her on the cheek. "But I'm your older cousin who's not an idiot--so, it's a safe bet that I'm right."



Van said...

Before anyone starts worrying, no, Cat isn't the next in the line of perpetually sickly nobles; this is just a run-of-the-mill bout of sickness.

Ann said...


I'm very glad to hear it's nothing serious this time. But... it wouldn't stop her to know that it was, if it was, would it?

Van said...

Alas, probably not. :S