May 2, 2016

In Which Riona Reassigns the Concept of Family

January 1, 1200

If Riona's husband had ever doubted that he was a better man than his father, then surely even he must have proven himself wrong that morning. "It would have served him right if you'd just turned him aside outright. Even agreeing to see him was a mercy."

"I know." Yet, the toe of Isidro's boot scuffed the floor in agitation. "I just... I don't know. Part of me wants to rip myself apart for going so easy on him--and at the same time, all these nagging voices in my head are tearing me a new one for not doing more for my own father. I can't win with that prick."

"I don't think anyone ever has." Riona sniffed. She hadn't seen Sir Domingo since that unfortunate rainy night they'd been stranded at his hunting retreat, and that was far too recently for her taste; fortunately for her, he hadn't asked for her, so she'd been able to avoid him. "You're right, Izzy--he's a prick. I doubt he's ever had a genuine kind thought for anyone in his life, and he only has himself to blame for the fact that no one will miss him when he goes. You don't owe him anything, no matter what any nagging voices say."

"I know--or, my brain knows, at least." Isidro tossed back his head with a sigh; he didn't have as many grey hairs as some men his age, but the few he did have all caught the light at once. "You know, in some ways... I almost hope he has a few more decades left in him. When he dies, I'll know whether or not I'll miss him at all, and I don't think I'm ready to face either possibility."

"That's... fair, I suppose." Though, privately, Riona didn't see why Isidro would have any obligation to grieve. "But I don't know if we do the concept of family all that well, assigning it to blood ties. It's love that makes a family--love and respect."

Her husband smirked. "And with your family, you would say that."

"And it's a good thing that they're your family too." She gave him a quick peck of the lips, then smoothed down the front of his tunic--though, considering the time, she had to scold herself for bothering. "Shall we get changed? My father and stepmother will be expecting us soon."

"Good. I'm in sore need of the sight of some worthy parents right about now."



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That's right! It's coming back to me haha that old man who raped Isidro's mother to conceive him was his father - the one in the tavern a few posts back. It's been ages lol but I'm getting there!

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No worries! It's a long story with lots of characters.