May 14, 2016

In Which Celina Offers Another Way

March 21, 1200

"And here I thought I'd seen it all." Aydelle chuckled, her heavy lids lowered but her eyes still alight. "Funny, how even the most ill-reputed of us are still so innocent in the end."

"You're not ill-reputed, really. Aunt Camaline and Aunt Leara like you too much not to defend you, and no one argues with princesses," Celina assured her as she reverted to her usual self and pulled her dress back on. A handful of encounters later, Camaline had been more than proven right in regards to Aydelle's open mind and trustworthiness; that plus the fact that she had no interest in hoarding Celina to herself made for the half-snap decision to let her in on the secret.

"And don't think I won't be thanking them for that--but obviously, I'm more curious about you at the moment. So, you can turn yourself into a man and then back into a woman whenever you want?"

"Yes. Apparently I was conceived in that magic pond, so that's probably were all of this comes from."

"Hmm." Aydelle's smile tugged for a minute, her mind maybe flickering back to anything else she might have heard about that pond. Or something else. Who was Celina to question her, really? If Celina could change her body at will, then Aydelle could have multiple things on her mind. "Have you told anyone else?"

"No. I was a little afraid of it at first, plus I hadn't gotten over my childhood shyness yet. Now, I just think don't see any reason why anyone else needs to know--but, I figured it would be nice to have one person to talk about it with."

"Well. Consider me honored--and call on me whenever you want to talk. Or, if you want to do anything else." Aydelle smirked, eyes locking with Celina's before sweeping down the rest of her. "Can you only change your entire body at once? Or can you... mix and match, per se?"

"Would you rather I tell you?" They did both have a few more free hours yet, after all. "Or would you rather find out some other way?"

"Interesting proposition," Aydelle purred, her hand drifting up to Celina's shoulder to trace the neckline of her dress. "I daresay this will be the most remarkable day off I've had in a while."



Van said...

Filler? Filler.

Ann said...

Heh, it's so strange to me that you call posts like this fillers. ^^ Like they shouldn't exist because they have no real purpose and don't add anything to the story. Which I know is just not true.

I'm strangely happy to see Aydelle again. And this power celina has is really intriguing. Not only to Aydelle. ;)

Van said...

Well... in this case, it's more "serves purpose later on, but not immediately relevant to the next couple posts". Plus I was even lazier with the writing than usual. XD

(Though, in my defense, I had a bit of a headache--but the post was already a day late.)

Aydelle fills an interesting niche as a character. She's undeniably id-driven, but as she's matured, she's learned how to be id-driven in an honest, ethical way. That's not going to win her brownie points with everyone, but having a confidante will be huge for Celina.

Ekho said...

I wish I had this power! Though I'm not as adventurous as Celina I can say that much...

Van said...

I think more people would be curious about this sort of thing than they would admit! Actually, my first thought any time someone used a Polyjuice Potion to impersonate someone of the opposite sex was always "Why aren't they checking out their junk? Aren't they curious? How could they suddenly have new junk and not immediately check it out?" XD