December 30, 2015

In Which Rennie Assesses the Brightness of Boys

April 6, 1197

"My God! I think he's already gained a pound since I was last here," Rennie's mother mused as she cooed over the baby. It didn't seem quite natural--while she'd done well with her own brood, Rennie's mother had always been more attuned to older children and teenagers than to babies--but she got points for trying, and of course she would try.

Searle was her first grandchild, after all.

"Well, no matter how much he gains, I'm relieved to at least be carrying him externally now. Sev had better not be hoping for a second one any time soon." Rennie still hadn't quite figured out what to do with this one yet! He seemed to just... suckle at her nipples, produce waste, sleep, and cry. At least he didn't cry much. But, he did seem to stare a lot, as if every stupid thing in the world was both fascinating and terrifying. At least he was cute. And warm.

"I hope you've stocked up on herbs, then. Sometimes they happen whether you hope for them or not." Her mother cast a fond-yet-telling glance down at Rennie's little brother, occupied on the rug with Leon and his toy castle.

"Leon, have you been helping Rennie with your new little nephew?"

"Uh-huh," Sev's two-year-old brother muttered, despite having only helped by staying out of her way--possibly only because he thought Searle smelled funny.

"He seems to prefer Sparron to the baby. Sparron's at least old enough to play."

Assuming, that was, that 'playing' constituted banging the figures against the walls and leaving bite marks on their legs. Searle may not have had the assets of mobility yet, but at least he was a low risk for property damage.

"Small boys aren't too bright, are they?"

"No, boys never really are--but they're easy, at least. Girls are tricky."

"Then at least I get to work my way up to a girl, I suppose." Rennie lifted Searle to her shoulder and kissed the side of his head. "Kiddo, if you want to make things easy for Mama, I have no objections."


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Van said...

Filler times in Naroni.

Now, here's to a better 2016 than 2015!

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