December 6, 2015

In Which Alina Laments the Timing

July 7, 1196

"All right, out with it: how do you manage to keep your hair so goddamn perfect after make-out session like that?"

"Why are you asking me?" Adonis pressed his forehead to Alina's with a playful smirk. "You're the brains of the two of us. I'm just the pretty face with the great hair."

"Well, if we end up having children, they'd better not all get your hair! I can't be feeling inadequate all by myself."

"Some might get my brains. They can feel inadequate about that."

"You don't have the brains to feel inadequate!"

She nipped him on the ear as he laughed, more than well enough aware that she was joking, because he did have the brains for that. And the lack of inadequate feeling, they both knew, wasn't anything to do with a lack of brains; it was merely enviable self-esteem.

"You know, it's a lucky thing none of your parents demand a chaperon."

Alina turned her head to see one of her roommates standing at the open door. Oops.

"What can I say? We're Kemorins," Adonis quipped as Yvanette made for the other bench. "All's well as long as no one's being forced into anything--and there's not much out there to which a Kemorin says no."

Yvanette's eyes narrowed. Really, the larger part of Alina was pleased to see that her housemate had grown more and more willing to leave her bedroom, but if only her timing could have been better. "Should I tell Sevvie you said that?"

"Bah, Sevvie's a prude. He must get that from whatever Indruion factor drove my aunt to become a nun."

"Adonis! There's nothing wrong with not having the Kemorin sex drive--or any sex drive at all, in your aunt's case." Alina smacked his hand in mock-scolding. "Besides, it's hardly a secret that Sevvie's not keeping it in his pants because he wants to spend his life chanting in Latin. Sevvie's in love, remember?"

"Woah, now--I think a little subtlety's in order." Adonis jerked his head Yvanette's way, aware without looking that she had leaned forward in her seat, eyes wide and lips pursed. "She's right there."

Or, perhaps only nominally aware that she was in the room at all. "Sorry?"



Van said...

I hope everyone else is faring better than I am during the Season of Perpetual Illness. :S

Anonymous said...

Well, I already have my wisdom teeth's growth out of the way for this month. xD'

But hey, Lonriad will do a happy dance that his scheming was successful. At least according to the preview picture. But Adonis and Alina might need to learn how to keep their mouths shut, I think.

Van said...

Ack! I got my wisdom teeth out in high school. Not fun times. :S

Haha! Yeah, Lonriad will be pleased if this turns out to be mutual and permanent (and I doubt Ashe will ever hear the end of it). As for Adonis and Alina... well, neither of them are the best at shutting up, especially Adonis. But in this case, that may have worked out for the better--or at least, not the worst. Even if Yvanette has no romantic interest in Sevvie, she'd at least let him down gently and give him room to move on with his life.

Anonymous said...

I wish I had gotten them in high school because I would be done with them now! I had high hopes for many years that I would be one of the few to never get them, but alas...

I'm now imagining Lonriad dancing in circles around Ashe, chanting: "I told you so!" xD

Van said...

Yeah, that seems to be one of those hopes that's just a liiiiittle too good to be true... :S

Dancing in circles sounds about right. XD

Winter said...

I'm probably not, but what else is new? XD Hope you're feeling a bit better!

So, Alina loves Adonis' beautiful hair, too! And they are a proper pair of Kemorins, right down to frankness that occasionally leads to trouble.

Please, please don't let it lead to trouble. Sevvie and Yvanette would be so cute together!

Van said...

Bah. Human bodies: can't live with, can't live without.

(But yes, I'm mostly feeling better-ish. Hope you feel better soon too!)

Alina was never immune to Adonis's hair! :D They are quite well-suited for each other, alike enough for understanding, not so alike that they'll end up being too much of a good thing and imploding.

Luckily, neither Sevvie nor Yvanette nor the readers will have to wait too long to see how this turns out... ;)