December 24, 2015

In Which Cladelia Doesn't Tell

February 13, 1197

"So... your mother said you were thinking some time in May?" Cladelia was positive that her sister-in-law was tired of discussing her upcoming wedding, and she herself had no idea what to say to Eldona about it. Eldona and her betrothed seemed to be more a platonic match of companionship than anything else, but then again it was difficult to conceive of either party being romantic with anyone ever, so it may have been a moot concern--and, again, probably one Eldona was sick of hearing about.

But, if she didn't talk about something, then she'd start talking about her husband, and she couldn't talk about her husband. Not now. Not while no one else knew just how sick he was.

Not while she didn't want to think about how sick he was.

"Yes, I was thinking the fifteenth. Searle's father and sister said they should be able to come in from Dovia around that time." Eldona glanced over at Cladelia's son on the floor, who wasn't paying the slightest bit of attention to their conversation. It wouldn't be long, if Cladelia's suspicions about her own malfunctioning body were correct, before Ovrean was no longer her youngest. At the same time, who knew if it would be too long for her new youngest to know their father. "But, how is our other Searle doing? I think Mother suspects something."

Cladelia caught her bottom lip on her teeth. Searle had told her not tell anyone yet, as he didn't want to worry them. Part of her wished he hadn't told her either. How was she supposed to go about as if everything was fine when four different doctors had confirmed the presence of that mass in his abdomen? "He, uh... he's taking things easy for now. Not training so hard, and he's been given some relief from any organized duties that might come up."

"Hmm. Well, I'm glad to hear he's not straining himself, at least."

Though it would be nice if he were able to. "I suppose."

"I hear Aerina Frey just released some new tonics. Perhaps one of those might be worth a try?"

There wasn't a tonic in the world that could do much for a mass in the abdomen. But, for the sake of not telling, Cladelia nodded. "Maybe..."


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Merry Christmas to those of you who celebrate it! For everyone else, enjoy the time off work/school, and I hope any holidays that you do celebrate were/are/will be excellent. :)