September 13, 2015

In Which Teodrin Does What's for the Best

June 1, 1194

"So. You're back." Ylwa looked Teodrin up and down, as if something on his person would protest that. He hadn't had to look for her. He'd entered the forest and she'd simply appeared.

She'd known. Somehow--whether she'd placed some magic flag on him or she was simply attuned to all the beings in the universe--she'd known.

And she probably knew what he was about to say. "I've made my decision."

"I see." She looked him over again--and nodded. "Hmm. Can't say I would have done the same in your place, but it's your life, and your body. I take it you're done at that school?"

"Yes." He'd graduated that morning. He'd packed up his things and sent them home with his parents. He'd said he wanted to spend one last night at the dormitory and nearly vomited after. He hated nothing more than lying to his mother. "I'm done."

"And you have nothing lined up for afterward. No employers to deceive. Have you thought about your family?"

He had. Teodrin swallowed. He had, and he couldn't. Maybe, in another time, someone like him would be able to have a life, to live it freely. For now, that simply wasn't the case.

But the thought of his family...

"If it's easier, I can fabricate a new past for you. A new life. You won't even remember being as you are now. You wouldn't have to lie to your mother--nor would you have to tell her the truth."

But he wouldn't have a mother.

But, if she knew, perhaps he wouldn't anyway. "That might be for the best."



Van said...

Sometimes things happen on what's supposed to be Naroni days. Oh well. XD

Anonymous said...

I have to give Teodrin the side-eye here. I understand that it isn't easy to tell your family that you would rather be a Girl, but I don't think that simply disappearing is the way to go here. His family will probably throw around "Have you seen this man?"-posters now. :/
And I honestly don't think that Thetis or Florian would give him grief for his decision. The only Problem would be the embarrassment his father would get up to (teaching the cat to ride sheep anyone?).

Van said...

Stay tuned...

Winter said...

Sorry, Teodrin, but that is a dick move (no pun intended). There are few things worse than having someone you love disappear. I know he's in a horrible situation, but leave a note if you can't lie to your family in person. At least give them some fiction to hold onto. Doing this is leaving his entire family to the mercy of Ylwa, if they even think to consult with the Naron. I hope he changed his mind about that or made some provision.

Van said...

Rest assured that this would be a pretty unsatisfying storyline if Florian and Thetis never got any closure. I guess that's all I'll say on that for now. ;)

Winter said...

That'll do for now ;) (Thank God!)