September 17, 2015

In Which Lyssa Insists on a Visit

July 9, 1194

"You're married!" Eyes wide, Renata pulled Lyssa in for a hug. The ceremony had concluded mere minutes ago, and the guests had dispersed to prepare for the reception. As for Lyssa, she'd handed Landus off to his brother and dashed away to meet Renata and CeeCee in Nora's sitting room. Perhaps she and Landus ought to have been inseparable as newlyweds, but they'd agreed beforehand that they'd have each other in Carvallon; the rest of their loved ones would remain in Naroni. "When did we get so old?"

"I know! It's so strange--but good strange." Wonderful strange!

Even if she did hope that she and Landus would return to Naroni some day.

"Even if it means I'll be leaving next week."

"But it's not as if we'll never see you again," CeeCee assured her. "There's a whole two-month break between my graduation and my wedding. We could make the trip out then."

"Yes, let's! Falidor and Roddie and Alya might want to come too."

"I don't know if we'll have enough space for so many of you!" Her aunt and uncle's old house was just a cottage, after all--not a manor. "Plus, Roddie and Alya might have a baby on the way by then; they won't want to travel."

"Yes, but you might have a baby on the way by then, and you won't want to travel back when that happens." CeeCee winked--then grimaced. "Seriously, don't have a baby just yet. I don't want to have think about us being that old."

"Especially since Alina's about to pop any day now." And to think--this would be her grandfather's second great-grandchild.

"Dear Lord, yes. I should not be a great-aunt twice over at my age. Damn older siblings, making me an aunt before I was even thought of." She rolled her eyes--fondly, but an eye roll none the less. "But congratulations anyway, my dear niece who is older than I am."

"Thank you very much, my dear aunt who is younger than I am."

However many babies she had, she didn't think she wanted to have quite so many as to invoke that situation! "But seriously: do visit before the babies take over."


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Van said...

What a roller coaster of a day. Very stressful for the most part, but then a nice cool down and some very good news.