September 10, 2015

In Which Alina Shuts Up

May 26, 1194

"Do you think you'll start your leave about a month before again?"

Alina nodded, a gentle pat to her just-showing stomach. She'd credit the high-waisted tunic for the deceptive physique--Ellie's suggestion, based on how Lady Rona dressed when she was expecting. "Don't worry; I don't intend to leave you to fend for yourself until late August."

And she wouldn't be gone long! She loved her children, and she loved being a mother... but, she needed something for herself. Her work at the bank provided that, and by the time she'd gone back after both of her girls, she'd been half out of her mind.

"You know... I kind of think this one will be a boy."

"Oh?" Rina slouched a little. If she was resentful of having to manage the bank on her own for a while, Alina couldn't fathom why. Alina may have had a better rapport with the clients, but Rina had the sharper business sense--and even with the clients, she'd done splendidly the last two times. "Does it... feel different from the last two times?"

"No, I think Thetis and Via varied from each other more than either did from this one. It's just a feeling."

"Uh-huh." Rina picked at one of her fingernails. She never did that at the bank, but for some reason, it was a frequent habit when she made social calls. "Did you get feelings with the other two?"

"Not with Thetis--what with that being my first time and all. But I figured that Via would be a girl. Maybe you develop more of a sense with each pregnancy."

"Or maybe it's just that there aren't many possible outcomes, so any guess has a reasonable chance of being right."

Alina chortled. "Maybe. Perhaps you can verify when--"

She stopped herself at the sight of her friend's dreary eyes and wilting lips--and cursed herself. Stupid! "Oh. Oh, Rina, I'm so sorry."

"It's fine." But Rina picked at her fingernail again. God damn it, Alina! Think before you say things like that!

"You know... two and a half years of marriage isn't really all that long. Plenty of people have to try a little longer."

"We're not trying."


For all Alina knew, that was true. Or, it was just a way of telling her to shut up.

She wouldn't ask which. It wasn't her business.

"Fair enough."



Van said...

September 10 is King Roderick's birthday. As a result, in modern times, it is a Naronian stat holiday called Royal Family Day. However, most people and even government institutions lump Royal Family Day and any celebrations with Queen's Day, which is March 3. So, September 10 is pretty much just a day off from work and school and no one really thinks about why because they don't care.

(November 30 is just any other day. Good luck finding anyone who can associate that historical birthday.)

Anonymous said...

I actually went and looked up the dates. xD'
But I suspected November 30 to be Ietrin's birthday.
You shouldn't say that about November 30th yet, though. Maybe a daughter, son or grandchild of Medea ends up with that birthday. XP

Maybe Rina should just tell Alina. So she doesn't repeat that slip-of-tongue. ._.'

Van said...

Haha! It's always possible. But I don't think even all the good royals get national holidays out of their birthdays, as much as that would be awesome for lazy people like me.

If Rina tells anyone who doesn't already know, it would be Alina. But, things have been going well for her the past few years, what with the bank and Severin and Severin's practice, so she might just not want to think about it for a while.