September 22, 2015

In Which Lettie Agrees to Attend

July 28, 1194

"I'm glad you don't mind my showing up early."

Lettie bit her tongue as she took a seat on the other bench. She supposed she didn't mind, exactly--if she'd minded, she would have sent her children over to their father's for dinner with him rather than have him here. But none of the children were home yet. Rennie and Arkon were only a short walk away and no doubt hadn't even thought about leaving their residences yet. Alina and Severin were off with their cousins Adonis and Rio respectively, both in Veldorashire proper rather than on the university lands. They knew that their father was coming for dinner and had confirmed that they would be home on time, but Lettie hadn't counted on Searle being early.

"I don't mind. I just hope you're not too disappointed, missing that extra hour or so with them."

"Well... to be honest, I thought I'd arrive early to talk to you."

"Really?" They'd made a point to stay on as good of terms as possible since the divorce, but they hadn't had a real 'talk' since... well, probably since Jadin had died. At least this pulled her away from yet another indulgent letter to Tarien Andronei. God, what was it about her that made emotionally needy men flock like flies to honey? She knew she'd be better served to just stop responding to him, but she felt sorry for the sap.

Then again, why else had she stayed married to Searle for so long? "What about?"

"I thought I owed it to you to tell you myself: I'm getting married."

Lettie raised an eyebrow. As far as she knew, Searle hadn't shown any serious interest in anyone since Sparron. "To whom?"

"Melria Lowan--Asalaye's stepsister. It's a match of convenience for both of us, in truth, but we're on the same page."

So were we when we were married. She'd never felt the need to be the great love of Searle's life, but she had expected him to give as much as he could take. But perhaps this Melria needed less, or had more to give.

Or... well, maybe Searle had matured somewhat.

"When is the wedding?"

"In five days."

Or not. "That's... quick."

"We're both tired of living alone. And we've each had a proper wedding before." Fair enough, she supposed. There were worse reasons for marrying quickly. "It'll just be small ceremony. Immediate family, and close friends. You'll attend, won't you?"

She nodded. After all these years, 'close friend' was the best she and Searle could hope to do for each other. "Of course."

"I'm glad." A tight, but true smile broke on Searle's face. "Thank you for understanding."



Van said...

I don't know where I'd be if not for caffeine.

Alix said...

The world would be a scary place without coffee.

I hope Lettie eventually ends up with someone who can be what she needs after having to deal with Searle for all those years. She didn't seem to have extraordinarily high expectations going into the marriage, but everyone deserves to be the love of someone's life.

Van said...

Definitely. :S

Lettie's love life... well, I suppose it's not impossible that she'll find someone some day, but it's not her number one priority at the moment. Not that life always acknowledges priorities.