May 24, 2015

In Which Sevvie Suggests a Game

March 30, 1192

"So... we just need to think of a use for it." Sounded simple enough. Indeed, it was a question Sevvie had toyed with in the past, though he hadn't voiced his musings to Yvanette. He wanted to be supportive. He would help her with any breakthroughs, but he wouldn't force her through any. "Hmm... what about espionage?"

"I guess. Though, there's not much to spy on around home, and I doubt my parents will let me leave the country by myself."

"All right... what about simple discovery, then?"

"What, like secret passages?" Yvanette snorted. "What good would that do if I couldn't fit normally?"

"I don't know. Storage?" Or maybe not. "Um..."

"If you say 'pest control', I'll have to kick you."

"I was actually going to say 'voyeurism'--ow!" He reached down and rubbed his aching shin. "All right, all right. Hmm... guess we were closest with the espionage thing. What if you just took to tailing your siblings?"

"My siblings are aware of the situation."

"You can spy on my siblings then. I'm sure they wouldn't mind too much."

"I doubt they're up to anything too interesting."

"Fair enough. Better stick with people our age or older." Well, he guess that sort of included Adonis, but he didn't really care to know what Adonis did when he was alone anyway. "What if we made a game of it? We could meet every Saturday, pick some random person we both know, and you can spy on them at some point during the week?"

Yvanette shrugged. She didn't look too thrilled with the idea, but she didn't look repulsed either. Perhaps, in this case, that was good enough. "I guess we could try it."



Van said...

Sorry about the wait.

S.B. said...

Interesting idea with the prospect for absolutely SHOCKING SHOCKING revelations. Or something pretty grim. My little brother spied on me all the time but never managed to find the items that would have really horrified my mother.

S.B. said...

I don't know how to get this kind of thing to you but I'm going to try this way and hope it works.

You've been nominated for the Liebster Sims Story Blog by us because of sheer awesome. I don't know if somebody has already nominated you but I'm doing it, too. Here is the link:

Van said...

Oh, they could potentially discover some interesting tidbits, for sure (though I don't know just what yet; this was one of those ideas that sort of happened as the post was in the works). Luckily, I think Yvanette is sensitive enough to tell when something is truly intimate and to back off, so if she discovers something too personal, she probably wouldn't report to Sevvie on it.

Thanks for the nomination! I have a bit of running around to do this afternoon, but I should be able to get to it this evening. Loved your answers! :)

Winter said...

I hope what kept you waiting wasn't anything too serious :/

I liked that Sevvie's first thought was espionage. Nobody in the Medieval world could have a better disguise than Yvanette, so long as she can control the changes. And it would make poetic sense with the Torgleid sigil being a key, if Yvanette turned into a master spy! But it is probably smart to start with something more mundane and go from there.

I'm guessing Yvanette won't be too bold to start, which is good. Following the little kids might have been an easier start, even if it wasn't as interesting. The teenagers and young adults of Naroni have been getting up to a lot lately and may not want to be found out ;)

(If she wants to spy on the anvil dragon giving the Royal Jerkass his due right now, though, I'd support that.)

Van said...

It wasn't too pressing. Just one of those things that makes you stop and think.

Yvanette does have the advantage in terms of disguises. If she can gather some useful and/or fun information, that would go along way in her learning to control her condition.

But yeah--maybe better to stick to the kids for now, or at least younger teenagers.

Heh... I don't know if the Anvil Dragon will care too much who sees... ;)