May 26, 2015

In Which Holden Is Alone

Note: For anyone who just happened to stumble across this story blog who hasn't read the previous posts and is unaware of earlier events in this storyline... the way this particular post ends, it may read like a VERY BAD thing is about to happen. That very bad thing does NOT happen. What follows won't be pleasant for certain characters, but there will be no sexual assault involved.

April 14, 1192

It was so hot out! How was it only April? It felt like July!

Holden brushed back some sweaty hair, then tugged at his velvet collar. Velvet. Velvet was the worst in summer. Or spring when it was hot. Hot and humid.

So hot! So humid!

Damn binding thing! Last year at this time, he could have lazed around in his braises and been as comfortable as possible, but now he had to keep his shirt on. Stupid growing body!

At least he was alone, he guessed. He'd be alone all day, probably.

But if he was alone...

To hell with it. No one was going to see him. He'd take off the shirt, and the velvet, and chausses.

Maybe he'd even take off his braises. And then he'd sprawl out on his bed and take a nap atop the covers.

It would have been an excellent plan if only he'd remembered to lock the door.



Van said...

Sorry about the creepy-ass ending. But Hollie's been trained to respond to knocks on doors, so the nap had to happen. :S

Ann said...

Oh shit! It's about to hit the fan, isn't it? Damn dragon, wake up already!

Van said...

Suffice to say that Ietrin in a preview usually means something bad...

Winter said...

Poor kid. Hollie's going to have enough problems on her own finding out she's a female. I hope whatever trouble Ietrin starts (*cough*beforehisverytimelyanvilencounter*cough*), Hollie knows it's not her fault.

This would not be a bad time for Fred, Octavius, and/or Camaline to wander by...

Van said...

Yeah, here's hoping. :S I think Ietrin's more likely to take out his frustration on Jeda, since his general policy toward his kids is to ignore them whenever possible, but... yeah, Hollie's in for a confusing time no matter what.

Indeed, it wouldn't be.