May 21, 2015

In Which CeeCee Wants to Explain

March 19, 1192

"What were you doing out in the pouring rain? On your birthday?" Farilon jabbed one of the hearth's logs with the poker. CeeCee watched the sparks fall to their bed of ashes. Maybe that was all she herself was doing, coming here like this. "I thought your friends would have thrown you a nice party or something."

"It's on Saturday." Saturday, the first day of spring. With that frigid rain, one couldn't have guessed it was only two days away. "I couldn't sleep.

"And I'm sick of us not speaking."

"Me too. I'm sorry about that." He sighed, then offered her a hand and pulled her off the couch. The heat from the fire crept beneath her cloak and warmed the bare legs beneath. "It's all right that you're not taking my classes. I made a bigger deal of it than I should have."

"About that--"

"You don't need to explain."

"But I want to." Did she? She'd kind of hoped he would have figured it out. But if he needed her to tell him, then this was her chance. This was why she'd come here, after all. "Thing is... I thought it would be better if you weren't my teacher."


"I mean--if you were my teacher, I couldn't... I couldn't..."


It was easier to show than tell.

"CeeCee..." The name was little more than a breath as they finally broke away some minutes later. It had been a long time in the making, after all. "I... I think I've wanted to kiss you for a while now."

"Were you ready for it?"

He nodded.

"Are you--" She untied the belt of her cloak and let the garment slide off her body. His jaw fell agape as he realized she wore nothing underneath. "--ready for a little more?"

It took a couple seconds--but again, a nod. "Are you?"

"Oh, Farilon. I'm a Kemorin." She worked her hand down from his shoulder and started on his laces. "And it's my birthday."



Van said...

1192 is apparently the Year of Pairings Finally Hooking Up.

S.B. said...

Oh I love this! That utterly romantic and sensual gesture, which can probably not be accomplished without the right robe, is so perfect here. Farilon seems to be a little bit clueless...maybe for the best.

Van said...

Thanks! Pen made that robe for my birthday--I knew it had to be used for something like this. ;)

Farilon is pretty innocent when it comes to the sexual realm. But, he's finally at the point where he's ready to enter it. Someone like CeeCee, who is equally inexperienced but more knowledgeable and enthusiastic, would make a good companion for his sexual debut.