May 28, 2015

In Which Jeda Makes It Said

**Trigger Warning

April 14, 1192

"What the hell is wrong with you?" It was about the fourth time Ietrin had screamed that question. It was clear he had no intention of actually getting an answer. "Nine years. Nine fucking years, you just let me go on thinking I had an heir. What kind of ungrateful, sadistic bitch does that?"

"The kind who's married to a self-centered king who threatens to keep her locked up in her room with nothing to do until she has a boy, maybe?" It wasn't the sort of thing Jeda had often dared say. But, if he knew about Hollie, then she had nothing left to lose.

"What else was I suppose to have done? You ought to have given me a son years earlier!"

"Don't you understand that it takes two to make a baby? Melria hasn't given you a baby, Ellona only ever gave you two--and she gave Casimiro five! In six years!" The other part of that might have been cruel to mention--but he did deserve it. "And Raia says they almost never sleep together. What do those numbers say about you?"

"How dare you insult your king's virility!" He grabbed her by the chin, nails digging into her jawline. He'd never been diligent about clipping them. "Bed. Now."


"That was not a request!"

"Don't touch me!"

"You're mine to touch as I will!" He let go of her face only to strike it. Perhaps the only decent thing she could have ever said of him was that he'd never done that before. "Now take your clothes off and give me my son before you're too old to carry him!"

"If you think I can choose the sex, then maybe you think your hand can give you a son!"

"Bitch!" He took her by the shoulders and pushed--hard.

She caught her balance just in time to keep from falling, one hand clenched to her middle. "Don't shove me!"

"Why shouldn't I?"

"Because..." It was better left unsaid, some part of her knew it. Better to have let him have his way with her and hope for a fair-haired boy who favored her. But she was done with that. It had been far too long since she'd had something that was hers. "...I'm with child."

"But it's been years since--"

His violet eyes burned near red as his brain caught up with his tongue.

"Why you scheming little cunt."



Van said...

So, I get that this is a spectacularly bad note to leave on, but... I'll be out of town this weekend, so next update won't be until Sunday night at the earliest. Sorry about that.

I will have wi-fi, so I'll check in at some point, and hopefully get a chance to read any updates anyone else posts.

katdelval said...

Ugghh Ietrin... I really hope he gets what's coming to him. Jeda deserves so much better.

Ann said...

I changed my mind. Death by anvil is much too good for that ass. Make it painful and lenghty...

Van said...

Katdelval: Here's hoping. :S She does deserve a lot better. Nobody deserves an Ietrin...

Ann: Whatever the manner of death, rest assured that afterlife won't be kind to Ietrin. Karma doesn't care if he's a king.

Orilon said...

Ugh. I hope Ietrin has a even more painful death than Rina's father. No one deserves an abusive spouse (even though he may have not struck her before, he has been majorly abusive in other ways).

Part of me hopes this current child is a boy, but another part fears that may feed into Ietrin's stupid notion that the mother can choose the sex of the baby.

Van said...

No doubt about it, Ietrin is and always was abusive. Emotionally, psychologically, sexually--and now physically as well. However he goes, it can't be soon enough.

Ha! That would be a nice wad of spit in Ietrin's eye--all these years of him and Jeda never having a boy, then she sleeps with Fred once and has a boy. At this point, I think Jeda just hopes she and the baby (and her other children) get out unscathed. If Ietrin keeps Jeda around for the birth, he'll probably take either sex as a slight: another man's boy, or another man's girl to clothe and dower rather than admit he's been cuckholded.