October 26, 2013

In Which Rona Makes It Better

August 14, 1183

"You were good for Winter while Mama was at the school, I hope?" Rona put her knee to the dirt and tickled her son beneath his arm. Darry giggled, trying and failing to shrink away. "Well?"

"They were all on their best behavior," Winter assured her. She was a cousin to the Armionshire reeve and she'd only arrived from Dovia at the start of the year; Rona and Ashe had been looking for a nanny for a few months before that, so she'd been a godsend by means of Leara. The kids adored her, and she them, but she knew when to be kind and when to be firm. "This little one seemed to want you, though." She bounced Aspen on one hip as Rona stood.

"And yet, now that you've got her comfortable, she won't want to be in anyone else's arms for the rest of the day." She shot her youngest a quick wink. Aspen grinned, a bubble of drool leaking from the corner of her mouth. Winter wasted no time in wiping it aside, leaving Rona to roll her eyes at the current activities of her older daughter.

"Yvanette, sweetie, is that one of those stray cats?" Why couldn't the damn things stay away? They'd have to get a fiercer dog. Of course Lemons was probably off harassing the kitchen staff.

"Yes, Mama."

"Well, let it go. It could be filthy and diseased."

"Auntie Xeta says cats are clean."

Oh, well if Auntie Xeta says it... "They're feral and aloof, and they don't like to be played with. Leave it be."

The words bounced off Yvanette's ears and she squeezed the vile animal a little tighter. Figured.

Winter laughed. "She has a mind of her own, that one."

That she did. Mangy cat or no, Rona had to smile. "Oh, they all do, and any more of them who come along will too. The poor things have stubborn coming at them from both sides. But who knows, maybe Aspen has enough of my mother in her to keep the peace around here when they get old enough to fight."

"Not that I can see any of them fighting, but all right." Winter hoisted Rona's youngest up to her shoulder and kissed her on the forehead. Aspen beamed; Rona's kids were all quite physically affectionate. "She does seem like a born peacekeeper, this one."

Rona nodded. At this point in her life, Aspen may have been all her father in the face, but neither Yvanette nor Darry reminded Rona so much of their grandmother. If another child started crying, Aspen would crawl to their side, not saying much apart from an agitated cooing but the sympathy apparent in her eyes. If Rona or Ashe was having a rough day, Aspen would perch herself in their laps and reach for a cuddle. She'd barely even needed to be taught to share.


Aspen's squirming didn't wait for the scream to end.


The damn cat hissed as it pulled its fangs from Rona's baby's hand. Rona rushed over and scooped Yvanette up, kicking the animal aside. "Scram, you! Stay away!"

The vile thing sprang to an arc and bolted. Rona hugged Yvanette close, her daughter's blood trickling down her neck as the little girl held on, bawling. Why hadn't she been paying more attention?

And why the fuck wouldn't those damn cats leave her castle alone?


"It's all right, baby. It's all right." Probably, at least. She'd have someone run to Mistress Fedurin for some ointment, just in case. "It's all right..."


"It's all right." I'll make it all right. I'll make sure every wretched stray in this courtyard drowns. "It's all right, baby. Mama's here."

Her hair was damp and sticky with her baby's tears. "Mama will make it better..."



Van said...

Major thanks to Winter for use for her self-Sim!

Ekho said...

Aw! Aspen is adorable! And Yvanette as well, I think I see mischief in her future... Adventure at least!

Mimus said...

Geez, I will never be able to understand people that hate a species of animals so much that they think that everyone else has to hate them, too. *eyesroll*
Aside from that that it's Yvanette's own fault for squeezing the poor creature so much. The cat was rather patient, all things considered.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I have to admit, I can't like Rona as much as I used to before she outed herself as a kitty-hater ... *sigh* I still miss my old roommate's cat. (He's still in good health AFAIK, but I'm not living with him anymore!)

But other than that, Rona's kids are CUTE!! Aspen in particular is adorable, and so is Darry -- I love that you gave him Comburent hair, too, a perfect mix of Mom & Dad! But part of me wants to see a side-by-side comparison of Yvanette and Aspen. Yvanette might be in for a run for her money when it comes to the Most Cute Sim Toddler EVAR competition.

And lastly, even if Yvanette did bring that scratch on herself, I just hope she doesn't get sick from it. (Rona has a point, who knows where that cat has been or what is on its claws ... and in a world before antiseptics or germ theory, those are serious things to worry about.) That would be the last thing that anybody in this family needed.

Van said...

Ekho: She is quite cute! Her parents have good genes, apparently. :)

I wouldn't say adventure is out of the question for any of these kids at the moment... ;)

Mimus: Yeah, it is irrational, and rather self-centric thinking. But it might be worth watching this space, because some irrational hatreds aren't long for the world...

She did test the cat's patience. It does not look happy in that one picture.

Morgaine: Rona's dislike of cats has been mentioned a few times before--once by Xeta, once by Rona herself in passing--but this is the first time we've seen it in action. As intense as it is at this point, though, it may not be a permanent hatred. Something might come along that forces her to change her mind.

But yeah, those kids are pretty cute (and I'm glad you like Darry's Comburent hair! I wanted a bit of variety; their next red-haired kid is getting Pyrotechnic). As for Cutest Sim Toddler Ever, I don't think Yvanette needs to worry about any competition any more, because I actually grew her up to child right after shooting this post. ;)

Well... Yvanette's injury wouldn't have been given much focus if there wasn't anything plot-related about it. But as for what it'll lead to... stay tuned?

Winter said...

Hooray, I'm in Naroni! Now it won't be so odd to subscribe to the fanclubs of all the Torgleid kidlets ;)

So, we've had the purple cat that she claimed to see the day Rona was pricked, and now Yvanette is cuddling strays who are unnaturally attracted to their castle? I doubt the extra-firm hug was the only reason it attacked Yvanette. *thinking cap*

Aspen is adorable, and I love Darry's hair color. It screams 'rascal' to me, in the best sense of the word.

Van said...

Not that it would have been too odd before, but yes, you are in Naroni. :)

Cats do keep coming up with this family, and with Yvanette in particular, whether Rona likes it or not. That is not unintentional.

Rona/Ashe seems to be a good combination in terms of genetics. Darry does look a bit rascally, though I'll admit that I haven't given too much thought to his character yet (though I do have plans for him). At this point in his life, he tends to be overshadowed by his big sister.