October 14, 2013

In Which Aydelle Makes Way for Someone Successful

May 15, 1183

Aydelle had no idea how much her daughters knew about her personal life and if she had to guess, that was a conversation that none of them wanted to have. Hanna, at least, was old and wise enough to have some idea of what Mother and her 'bedroom friends' did that required her and her sister to take a leisurely walk to the village in pursuit of some non-essential purchase that for some reason couldn't wait. Leina probably knew more than she let on too.

But regardless of what they'd pieced together and what remained private, Hanna had informed her of Camaline's arrival, then headed up to the tower, dragging her sister along by the wrist. Whether that was intuition or just sheer habit, Aydelle was grateful. Even moreso than usual. "Cammie."

"Aydelle." Her lover--favorite lover? Former lover? Both adjectives, in whichever order?--nodded as she stepped away from the stairs. Just a nod. No smile. "I suppose I wanted some closure."

That said all she needed to know. Aydelle had always been one to keep things wide open. "Oh. Well, in that case... I'm sorry."

"Sorry." Camaline's hand tensed, middle and little fingers crushed against her wedding band. A pity they didn't live in a world where someone other than Sparron--other than a man, at least--could wear its twin, even Aydelle wouldn't share a set with anyone. "That doesn't sound good."

"I know, but I don't think I can make you happy. It's not in my nature to be monogamous, Cammie. I don't expect you to understand that, and I don't want to hurt you any more."

Any more than what this conversation required, at least. Camaline picked at one of her fingernails. It was often the first thing she did when she arrived at Aydelle's house, only to find someone else just leaving. "You could try."

"I have tried. And if it makes you feel better, you're the only one who's ever made me want to try." She couldn't even say that of her former husband, not that he'd tried very hard himself. "You need someone who can succeed, at least to the point possible given the situation."

"And you need someone who can understand." Aydelle nodded. Thank God for Camaline. She was still young, but it was so easy for even the oldest to forget they were adults in such altercations. Whoever came next would have to answer to Aydelle if they didn't appreciate that maturity. "I see."

"I hope we can still be friends."

"I hope so too, but I'll need some time." That was fair. She wouldn't be the only one, truth be told. "So... I suppose we'll both keep our distance for a while."

"That would be for the best, though the girls will miss you."

"They'll see me when school starts up in January." Ah yes. That school would do Camaline well. And damn it, there was no one better to run the place. "At least... if you don't have any objections? I could help if money is an issue."

"Money is not an issue." She'd make sure of that. She'd already taken enough. "They'll both be there."



Van said...

This post turned out kind of blah, but I suppose that's fitting of my current state of existence.

Xeta and Camaline's school probably won't need a name--just "the school". The university, however...

*shameless plug is shameless*

Ekho said...

I hope both women find what they're looking for, and that this break doesn't break them - as individuals.
I wish I could help in suggesting a name for the university but unfortunately I have trouble enough naming things in my hood D:

Van said...

I'm sure they'll both make it through, though it'll sting for a while. Honestly, I always saw this relationship ending (albeit, rather amicably) at some point, and there's a reason it ended up being now as opposed to later.

Naming things is hard!

Mimus said...

Is it bad that I thought it had already ended? ._.'

And ugh, is that Elarys in the preview picture? -.-'

Van said...

There hasn't been too much on this front lately.

That does look like Elarys's hair color...

Anonymous said...

*sigh* Well ... there are worse ways for a relationship to end. At least Aydelle and Camaline parted as more-or-less friends. At least they handled it like adults. At least they had a clear conversation about what each of them wanted, realized they couldn't give it to the other, and were willing to let the other person go.

Sparron and Searle, you should be taking notes.

Still, I hope both of them are able to find sexual and romantic happiness after this. Aydelle with her rotating cast of "bedroom friends," and Camaline with some lady who is happy to be ... monagamish? I think they both deserve it. :)

And I hope planning the academy keeps Camaline nice and busy and helps her get over the heartbreak as quickly as possible. :)

Van said...

It's true, this break-up could have gone a lot worse. They were clear, they were honest, no one tried to force anyone to change her mind, no one was a jerk about it. I fully expect that they'll be able to be friends once they've both had a chance to get over it.

(And yeah, I kept thinking about Sparron and Searle as I was writing this--about how this is so the opposite of what they do.)

I would not say that sexual and romantic happiness is out of the question for either of these two ladies. Aydelle does have her bedroom friends, and I do have plans for Camaline. ;)

But for now, yes, I think the school will be Camaline's lady for a while. Being busy will be good for her.