October 22, 2013

In Which Camaline Learns of a Village

July 12, 1183

"Happy birthday!"

Prior dropped Camaline's hand and ran toward Alina, intent on a hug. It was returned quite willingly. "You too!"

Back by the door, Lettie turned her eyes Camaline's way, though Camaline did her best not to meet them. After Jeda's most recent birth, she'd felt obliged to once again apologize to Lettie for the whole ordeal with the twins, a little more profusely and a little more earnestly, and things had been uncomfortable since. She'd woken to serious second thoughts about the plans for the day.

But Prior and Alina always spent the afternoon of their birthday together, for all they believed it to be mere coincidence, and for all the visits had to be cut short before dinner because Lord knew that Sparron and Searle dining at the same table couldn't possibly end well. They'd also had fewer and fewer play-dates the past while, so that had added further reluctance to cancel; apparently Lettie had been concerned about the twins perhaps getting a little too friendly, at least until Sparron told her about Prior's betrothal to his cousin Neva.

Camaline couldn't see why it was an issue, personally. Lord knew she'd never developed romantic feelings for any childhood playmates. Not early enough that anything could happen, at least.

The embrace ended and Alina tugged at Prior's sleeve. "Come on, let's go find my sister and brother."

"I'm here!" piped up little Severin from the rug.

"Not you! Arkon."

A less resilient child might have pitched a fit as his sister and her friend hurried off without him, but Severin just shrugged and resumed playing on his own. His mother was the more fussed of the two. "Did she even say hello to you?"

"Oh, let them run along and play. She can tell me hello when she comes back--and he can tell you," Camaline added. Most mothers let other women's children get away with more than their own ever could; Lettie, trying to compensate, sometimes took that to a whole new level with Prior. "But enough about the kids and their manners. Have you started planning your curriculum?"

"One sub-discipline done, and making good progress on a second." Good. If the professors were already doing their jobs, then there would be a point to Camaline's. "Have a seat."

"All right."

A wave Severin's way as she passed, Camaline obliged, taking the nearest end of the couch; Lettie sat next to her. "How have your preparations been coming along?"

"Also fairly well. Construction on the school has been finished, and enrollment is in progress." And thank God for that! She thought she was coping well enough, but being busy helped. It always had. "Prime land, right in the center of the kingdom. Nobody should have too difficult a commute."

"A lucky thing for you, then." The university lands were in the far southeast of the kingdom... but since that was still Veldorashire, why should that have mattered to Lettie? "Poor Farilon will probably have to move to Master's Village if he wants to get to work in a reasonable amount of time."

"Master's Village?"

"Yes, Raia wanted some options for staff housing, so both the nunnery and the monastery will have dormitories there, and there will be houses for any secular staff in need of them. It'll just be Cherry and Farilon at this point, but who knows? We'll expand eventually. Besides, a village will attract more businesses to the campus. Artan and Maddie will be running an inn down there; Seoth thinks it will be good practice for whenever he kicks the bucket."

"Hmm. Maybe Morgan can move down there if she doesn't like living with Vera and Lucien."

"It's a possibility." Lettie's lip curled inward, eyes squinted, as if reading a book nailed open on the opposite wall. "Or maybe..."

"Maybe what?"

"Oh, nothing." It sure didn't sound like 'nothing'. "So, how are things with your family?"



Van said...

Yesterday was Naroni's fifth birthday! o_O

The submissions are in! Time to cast your votes for the university's new name!

Anonymous said...

Happy fifth birthday, Naroni! *blows party noisemaker, Sims-style*

And awws!! Prior and Alina are adorable together! Those blue eyes are so cute! It's probably lucky that Alina has more of a tan, otherwise people might be looking at the two of them together and wondering if they have more than just a birthday in common ... (Or are Sparron, Camaline, Searle and Lettie all related by blood? Sorry to ask, but I can barely keep Albion's family trees straight ...)

And a Master's Village? In-teresting. Would there be any options for student housing there? I mean, it seems like it would be a good way to make money. A money buys a house or a boarding house and charges the students rent. You make money off 'em coming and going! (And said money doesn't get sucked into the black hole known as university administration!) I hope that more people than Farilon and Cherry end up living there, though, otherwise it might get a wee bit lonely.

Glad to hear that the plans for the academy are going well, too. I wonder what Ietrin has to say about that? Or does he have enough brains to not complain about a woman running the show when it's his sister, who I'm pretty sure has castrated men with a look, acting as the boss?

And lastly -- is that Viridis Jr. in the preview pic? Whoever she is, she's cute! :D

Van said...

Naroni would be ageing up to the child stage in my game. ;)

They are both very cute! But luckily, if I remember correctly, Prior grows up to look a lot like Sparron while Alina looks more like Lettie.

And yes, all of those Sims are related. Let's see... Sparron is a second cousin to both Lettie and Searle (Octavius is first cousin to Alina and Renata), and so is Camaline (Roderick was first cousin to Severin, Geneva was first cousin to Arkon). Then Sparron and Camaline are second cousins (through Roderick and Medea) themselves, and of course Searle and Lettie's mothers were sisters, so they're first cousins. So if Prior grew up to look exactly like Lettie and Alina grew up to look exactly like Sparron, it might be brow-raising, but still believable. The eyes in particular could have come from either parent, as those are both Lettie's eyes and Sparron's recessives.

The first phase of student housing will be separate (though well within walking distance, so the businesses there will be getting student revenue as well), but as more and more students arrive, there's bound to be a need for more, and I think the village would be a logical next step. But whether they're joined by staff or students or businesspeople, I'm sure it won't be just Farilon and Cherry in the village.

I'm guessing that Ietrin is a bit less concerned with the academy since it's not on the level of prestige as the university, though he's probably been involved to a certain extent. But yeah, he should know better by this point in his life than to mess with Camaline. ;)

Yes, that is Viridis Jr.! :D

Ekho said...

Gossshshhhhshshhshhh!!!! Alina and Prior are such cuties! I'm happy they're so close, I hope even if the truth never comes out - they will always stay this close. And the Master's Village sounds interesting...

Van said...

They are rather adorable. ;)

As for the village, I'm sure we'll see it at some point, whether it's Cherry's house or student's partying it up at Artan and Maddie's place.

Winter said...

Those two kids are adorable. I'm a little surprised that Prior has a betrothed, though. Sparron and Camaline lucked out on some unusual circumstances, and Jeda is the picture of marital misery. Maybe Sparron was worried about Prior and Alina, too? And I wonder what Octavius thinks about this after all he's been though with Jeda.

Van said...

The worry of Prior/Alina (or Prior/Rennie, or Prior/any future daughter Lettie happens to have) is largely a part of why Sparron (and Octavius) agreed to betrothing Prior so young, despite that family's generally bad luck with arranged marriages. But I think if Prior and Neva showed any signs of really disliking each other, no one would hesitate to pull the plug on that arrangement.