October 11, 2013

In Which Farilon Is Asked to Consider

May 1, 1183

Out of his parents' concern for his language skills, Farilon had spent much of the past year in the company of books.

He'd already worked his way through the library at home, and much of Lorn and Leara's as well. His current source of new material was Lord Severin, by proxy of young CeeCee, who showed up every couple of weeks with a few more enthusiastic recommendations that Farilon would not have guessed a nine-year-old could have managed. She'd even brought him a geometry text once--geometry!--then spent the next hour babbling on about Euclid's twelfth and thirteenth propositions, ending on some note about the ratios of sides of a triangle, then an accusation of "Were you even listening?"

He hadn't seen her for a couple weeks after that.

But she'd shown up the day before, only somewhat resentful, a new astrology book in hand. "It's a little silly," she'd warned him, rolling her eyes. "But it's interesting, even if there's not a shred of logic to be found."

And it was interesting--interesting enough, apparently, that it took a clear of the throat before he noticed his father's presence. "CeeCee brought another book?"

"Astrology. You're a Gemini, right?" He doubted his father cared that Gemini was an air sign, or a mutable sign, or ruled by the planet Mercury, but it was an opportunity to avoid whatever conversation he was here for in the first place, and Farilon would be a fool to pass it up.

His father nodded. "And you're a Taurus, and your mother is a Cancer. Maybe you can draw up some charts for the family if you think it would be an interesting project." He often suggested 'projects'. Farilon knew he meant well, but productivity required a stamina he still hadn't mustered. "But that's not what I wanted to talk to you about.

"I got you a job."

"Oh." Farilon swallowed. As the third son of a duke, his default career path would have involved a knighthood, but he'd spent his page years and most of his squire years dead, and he had little interest in being a knight besides. His family had understood this. They'd understood a lot, all things considered. But a job... what sort of job? And was he ready? Sometimes, he wondered if his father thought it mattered. "Um... what happened?"

"CeeCee brought you some scrolls on mechanics a couple months back, correct? And you discussed them with her when she came back to collect them?" Farilon nodded, not sure what the hell kind of job had anything to do with CeeCee Kemorin. "She told her father some of your insights, and he thought they were clever, so he passed them along to Raia. I happened to run into her at Uncle Tarien's castle today, and she asked if you would be interested in teaching physics at the university."

"Teaching?" Farilon's finger fell to the page at random as his nerves played his spine like an organ. Didn't teaching require... talking? "I don't know..."

"I talked it over with your mother. We both agree that it might benefit you to push your comfort zone, but it's ultimately up to you. We could even stage a few practice lectures if you like." Could that help much? Surely his little siblings couldn't feign an interest in physics long enough even if it could. "I know it's a bit... unnerving, but I just want to help you find a place in the world. Promise me that you'll at least consider it?"

Farilon sighed. It wasn't a step he felt ready to take, but his parents had been so good about everything. He supposed he ought to at least humor them. "I'll consider it."



Van said...

Middle of the day? What?!

Mimus said...

Witchcraft! xP

Huh, do I spy a Farilon/CeeCee-Ship approaching? Or is it just me?
And CeeCee being a mathematics enthusiast! I can understand Farilon there. I would have been completely lost there, too. xD'

Van said...

CeeCee's still pretty young to be shipped with anyone, but who knows? By the time Farilon is ready for a romantic relationship, CeeCee may be of a reasonable age to be courted by an older man. Plus I suppose Raia/Falidor and Viridis/Searle both had larger age gaps.

I suspect I will be looking up a ton of math as CeeCee gets older. I was always good at it, but I haven't actually taken a course since high school and it's easy to forget the stuff without day-to-day applications. :S

Ekho said...

I'm impressed. Farilon seems to be quite the introvert, yet his father appears quite understanding and interacts gently. I wouldn't expect that from a duke, I mean, you'd think he'd be disappointed, but he seems to respect Farilon and accept that he's unique. Teaching would be good for Farilon, not only in expanding his 'comfort' zone, but also it would give him the opportunity to study MORE! Hope he realises this and jumps at the chance!

Van said...

Ovrean is generally pretty understanding, though he's had the misfortune of appearing like the pushy parent, since anyone would be in comparison to Celina. But he loves his stepson like any of his own (in particular, Ovrean is the only father Farilon has ever known, since Dalston died when he was just a baby), and he realizes that Farilon's had a hard time and has done his best to be understanding.

Teaching would be good for Farilon, though he'll have to get over a bit of his social phobias before he starts. But who knows? Some people really struggle in social conversation, but have no problem lecturing.

Winter said...

I love Ovrean, I really do. He's hitting the right mix of pushing boundaries and sensitivity here. If it was up to Farilon, he might not ever get out of his comfort zone (or at least not for a long, long time.) Offering to stage some practice lectures was a really nice touch.

I hope Farilon decides to take the position. The university might just be the most interesting place to be in Naroni for quite a while. (Also, CeeCee might grow up to have a thing for professors!)

Van said...

I agree that Ovrean really is the balance Farilon needs right now. He clearly cares, but he knows that Farilon needs to get out there and he's willing to give him that gentle push, and to help him out on the ideas front. And even if the kids don't agree to staged lectures, I'm sure Ovrean and Celina will be hanging onto every word.

Things will absolutely be happening at the university, especially these first few years (and hey--there will still be plenty of routine stuff for Farilon to busy himself with once the fuss has died down a bit).

As far as CeeCee's future type is concerned, I suppose professors are as possible as anything else at this point. ;)