January 3, 2016

In Which Kay Doesn't Understand

May 15, 1197

"Hello, Cousin Searle. My mother wanted to know if you were dressed and ready." Kay beamed up at Searle, taking note that he was. His big brothers were already at the chapel to usher guests into the pews and his father was talking with Searle's father and sister--neither of whom Kay had ever met before. That left Kay as the only man his mother could send to Searle's room, and she had to send a man because none of his sisters were overly fond of knocking.

As for his mother herself... "She would have come up and knocked, but I guess stairs are hard when you've got a baby in you. Not that me or you will ever know that."

Searle nodded. That was about the most Kay could expect from him, based on those years when he'd lived with them. Searle didn't laugh or smile much, even when he found things funny. If he ever found things funny. "That's true."

"Well, you're dressed, so that's good. I think she thinks we ought to head to the chapel soon." Kay swayed back and forth, privately in agreement with what he thought his mother was thinking. Weddings were... kind of boring, really. He wanted to get the ceremony over with. The feast, at least, could be good.

But, grown-ups all seemed to like the ceremony part. Maybe Searle did too. "Feeling good about it?"

"I suppose so. Eldona and I are good friends."

"That's it?" Kay frowned. He had lots of good friends, but he didn't think he wanted to marry any of them. "What about love?"

"We love each other in a way. Just... we both think the friendship is enough. Maybe you'll understand when you're older."

"I don't know. I still don't understand why the ceremony part has to be so long and boring."

"Honestly?" A rarity--Searle smiled. A small smile, but a smile nonetheless. "I don't understand why it has to be either. I think a lot of things just aren't meant to be understood."


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So... tomorrow starts the couple months of craziness. Can't promise the usual regularity, but for my own sake more than anyone's, I'll try to keep up whenever possible.

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