January 25, 2016

In Which Celina Proclaims a New Era

December 28, 1197

"Well," Oswald started as Celina stood before him, still wrapped in her winter coat. Renata and Nora had both seen fit to accompany her, but Celina had insisted that she speak with Oswald alone first; the steward had surely taken their coats and lit them a fire by now. "I can't honestly say I expected to see you before summer."

"It was an important decision, and I appreciate you giving me the time to make it--but any more and I might have just talked myself out of it."

The king chuckled, a spark of fondness in his eye. Whatever happened, he was still her fond older cousin. That was a comforting thought. "Is that a 'yes', then?"

"It is. After thinking it over, and bouncing it off some trusted parties, I've come to the conclusion that our marriage would benefit both kingdoms, even with me remaining in Naroni." And of course she would. She was to be an ambassador, after all. And she had to keep Searle's castle for little Ovrean. "As for the issue of a lack of trust in me given how much of my life has been devoted to Naroni, I figure the fact that my granddaughter is set to be the next Countess of Bandera should render that point moot; Dovia's best interests are my family's as well."

"Yours and mine both; your granddaughter's daughter is our mutual great-grandchild, after all. Curious, to think that we'd have a mutual grandchild even given--" He brought himself to a halt, an awkward twitch at the corner of his mouth. "That is to say, you... I mean, you still look the picture of youth, but--"

"No need to beat around the bush, cousin. You do flatter me, but I'll assure you that I am several years past the point of bearing you a child."

Oswald sighed. "Thank God. A king shouldn't have too many sons, I don't think; it was difficult carving out positions for my younger four, and I suppose I ought to be relieved that their sons likely won't be my problem."

"Your younger sons' sons are all princes, then?"

"My younger sons' sons and their sons--but I draw the line there." Oswald shook his head. "Not many monarchs before me had younger sons. Whatever you and Roderick and the rest of you woke in the forest when you headed west, it must have cursed us all with more fertility than we can handle. Anyway: would you prefer to wed tonight, or shall we take a few days to plan a proper ceremony?"

"We needn't a large ceremony, but I believe we ought to wed on the first." Celina kept her head high, the rings of Dalston and Ovrean around her neck more charm than burden. "A new year, and a new era."



Van said...

That's it for 1197. Weird.

Alix said...

Celina really does look like she eats Ambrosia. Is she still in Adult phase or did she age up?

Van said...

I keep forgetting to put wrinkles on her, XD But, I kind of like the idea of someone who always thought herself plain ending up aging so well.

Celina is still an adult. Since elders look so old, I don't age Sims to elder until seventy. Celina's a very youthful sixty-five at the moment.