October 25, 2015

In Which Sevvie's Assumption Is Wrong

May 16, 1195

"All right. I'll level with you." Adonis--usually so eager to announce every thought that popped into his head--sighed. Sevvie hadn't been sure what to expect when he'd returned home to a concerned Morgan, telling him that Adonis hadn't been himself for the past while, but the thought of a withdrawn, isolated Adonis had been a little too past the bounds of belief.

"I'm in love."


That... made sense. Adonis was sixteen now, past the point when such a thing might be possible. And, well...

Adonis had never been... well, like other boys.

How to proceed? Normally? How had his father spoken to him, again, when he'd first told him he was in love? "And, uh, how is that going for you?"

No, that hadn't been it.

"Awful! It's only a few months before the new university term starts."

"New university term?" An older man? But surely a year or so age difference shouldn't have been Adonis's first concern! "Adonis, I don't know if that's such an issue."

"But it is! I can't compete with older men!" Adonis tugged at his hair. Not too many men at the university had those sort of well-groomed, luscious locks. "And don't try to tell me there won't be any competition, because there will be. I mean--it's Alina!"

Sevvie blinked. That... meant one hell of a wrong assumption on his part. "Alina?"

"You know, our cousin. Uncle Searle's daughter. Blond hair, blue eyes... magnificent breasts?"

Magnificent breasts. One hell of a wrong assumption indeed.

"I, uh... guess I never noticed that. Adonis, have you tried actually telling her how you feel?"

"I've thought about it. I don't want to risk our friendship, though."

And now Sevvie really could relate. If Adonis could walk around in dresses just because he liked them better, then maybe he'd have the guts to take the advice Sevvie himself hadn't managed to yet. "Adonis, as long as you don't throw a fit like some entitled prick if she doesn't feel the same way, the friendship will survive."

"And how are you so sure of that?"

"Because I've seen you two together, you idiot." Sevvie smirked, if only to distract from the other blue eyes inside his head. "She obviously benefits from having you in her life in some capacity or another, and it's clear that you'd rather have her as a friend than have nothing to do with her. Sure, it will hurt for a while, but you'll be all right in the end."

"You really think so?" His words weren't quite sure, and his lips weren't quite a smile, but Sevvie would take it.

"You know I wouldn't lie to you." Even if he was a giant hypocrite. "Just tell her, Addie. Give her the chance to think her feelings over."



Van said...

For someone who gets way too much sleep, I don't get nearly enough sleep. :S


Winter said...

I hear you on that!

Sevvie really tries hard to be a good big brother to Adonis. It's really quite sweet. And I hope Alina likes Adonis and his amazing hair back!

Van said...

Sevvie is pretty protective of Adonis. He's like that with all of his siblings (though we never see them together), but especially with Adonis. :)

It's certainly not impossible! In any case, Sparron would be happy about Alina being interested in anyone who's not Prior. XD

Anonymous said...

Can one get enough sleep? xD

I had to laugh at the "magnificent breasts"-line. xD
And lucky thing for a bit of diversity among the Kemorin-bloodline given that Alina isn't Searle's daughter by blood.

Van said...

It seems not. :S

Haha, lucky indeed! Though, Adonis doesn't know that. But, he doesn't really know why marrying your cousin isn't the best idea either, so it's all good.