October 13, 2015

In Which Renata Gets Answer Enough

January 8, 1195

"So? How was Carvallon?"

Renata's sister pushed the question out of her lips, a disinterested glaze to her eyes. Maelle didn't in slightest care how Carvallon was, nor did Renata care much about Maelle's holidays back home. But, now that they were here at the university, well out of reach of their rivalry-brewing mother, their father and brother had made them promise to make more of an effort with each other--even if that meant sitting through conversations neither enjoyed, pretending all the while that they both did.

Though, if Maelle was willing to show up on the very day of Renata's return--having barely had time to hear of her return!--then that said something more than Carvallon or Dovia could.

"Quite fun, actually--even if the house is small enough that Landus made the boys room at the inn. And then CeeCee spent the whole trip home throwing up. I blame the Carvalli wine; it's so sickly sweet." If Renata ever went to Carvallon again, she'd have to remember to bring some from home! "How were things back home?"

"Mmm... could have been worse, I suppose. Cladelia's kids are adorable, and Father and the twins seemed relieved to see Arkon and me."

"I'm not surprised." Not with Mother as the only grown woman in the house now. "How did they react to my letter?"

"Well, I'm sure they would have preferred to hearing about your engagement firsthand, but they're both pleased. Mother in particular is overjoyed to know you're marrying at all."

Of course she was. "So, they'll be here in June?"

"Father would have been anyway, with your graduation. But yes, now Mother will come to."

"I see." Renata bit her lip. She ought to have been happy to have her mother at her wedding, she supposed. But... "Would it be impossible for her to be happy about my own achievements, rather than save all her enthusiasm for the idea that some man finds me worth marrying?"

Maelle looked to her lap and crossed her hands. For Renata, that was answer enough.

She took the seat next to her sister and stared at the opposite wall. "I see."



Van said...

I believe Renata will one day have to admit that her sister's supposed insufferableness was greatly exaggerated by the presence of their mother (even if I don't see them ever being super close, just on the grounds that they don't have much in common).

Anonymous said...

Is it just me or does Maelle have very prominent lips? @.@
Could be just the angle, though...

Well, I wouldn't say that it's only when sisters don't have much in common. Some don't get along because they have much in common (like a stubborn streak - recipe for disaster).

Van said...

They are quite prominent, plus that skin sort of amplifies lips a bit. But, since I'm usually bothered when my Sims' lips are too thin (generally more of a problem with males, whom Maxis apparently decided should barely have upper lips at all), I don't mind getting those lips into the gene pool. Her future husband (Tertius and Nearina's youngest son) barely as lips, so here's hoping Maelle can help his offspring avoid that problem. :)

Heh, yeah, though sometimes that can work with siblings being too much alike as well. My mom and my aunt were apparently at each other's throats all the time as kids despite having a lot in common apart from my aunt liking the rules and my mom... not so much. They're best buddies nowadays, though.