October 3, 2015

In Which Severin Admits to Another Uncertainty

October 14, 1194

"Is it just me, or does that Dora woman look a lot like your sister Alyssin?"

Severin raised his pillow and slung his legs onto the bed, never minding his still-present boots. "It's not just you."

"She's quite a bit younger, and of course there's the curly hair, but her face..." Rina shuddered. "I mean, she seems like a lovely person, but it was a little unnerving."

That indeed. "Uncanny."

"That too." Rina pulled at a strand of her hair, rubbing it between her fingertip. "Any chance she could be a relative of yours?"

Severin shrugged. "I suppose. What did Orrick say her surname was?"

"Floren." Didn't ring a bell. "I suppose that sounds a bit like your father's first name. Maybe he was named after another branch of the family?"

"Maybe. I don't think my father knows or cares why his mother chose that name, nor do I think he'd give an unembellished story if he did."

"Hmm. Well, I suppose it's only a matter of time before Alina meets Dora, so we'll see what she thinks." She took more hair--a whole lock this time--and twisted it about her index finger. "I don't know if we should go out of the way to introduce her to any of your other family members, though."

"No, not with all this uncertainty about Teodrin at present. The last thing my parents need is the mystery of some long-lost relative keeping them up at night."

"We can always dig a little deeper without their help anyway."

"Probably. I wouldn't doubt that Orrick will delegate some of our collaborative exchanges to Dora, and if Alina befriends her--which she will--then we're both bound to run into her every now and then."

"There's always the chance of her accompanying Adonis here when his next headache hits as well."

Eh? Severin raised an eyebrow. Not that that was by any means his strong suit, but four years boarding with Adonis ought to have been enough to catch onto his quirks around perspective sweethearts. "You think he's interested in her?"

"I don't think he's not interested." She let go of her hair and sighed. "But if that's the case, then that's one more reason not to tell your parents about her just yet. Whoever she is, the poor woman doesn't need your father around to ruin her wedding."



Van said...


Winter said...

Severin is right about the name. The only reason Florian would care would be the opportunity to make up some tall tale about it. With Severin and Rina just barely on the edges of this, it's probably best not to invite Florian in to tap dance across all the evidence.

Van said...

Florian won't pass up an opportunity to spin a tall tale, but when it comes actual etymology, he's not the type to care. XD

Yeah... probably best to keep him out of it for a while.