May 1, 2014

In Which Vera Gets a Start

June 12, 1185

Two months. Over two months.

And two months later, she was still thinking about it.

Prince Oswald had died, in Dovia, over two months ago. That wasn't unusual. Princes, even young princes, were as prone to death as anyone.

But the color hadn't called.

And two months later, she'd yet to figure out why. It couldn't have been geography--not when she'd had omens of death in Dovia before. Familial closeness? Well... he was her cousin. And she'd predicted his father, who was her father's cousin, and a more distant relation to her. Never mind the countless second cousins and third cousins and so forth for whom the color had appeared. And hell, the non-relations!

So why not for Oswald? Had her mother taken the color with her--for good?

"Are you all right?"

In her wonderings, she hadn't noticed Morgan's entrance. Lucien had made his inquiries earlier, more than once. He was concerned more for her obsession than he was for the cause, which she guessed was sweet but wasn't really what she needed at the moment. Maybe Morgan would have a different opinion. "I... didn't see the color when Prince Oswald died."

"Two months ago?" Eyes wide, her friend made haste to the empty seat beside her. "Shit. I noticed you've been a little quiet lately, but I just thought you were tired from the masque and your job and the age the twins are at and everything. I'm sorry I didn't ask sooner."

"It's fine." That, at least, was. "I mean... it should be a good thing, right? I did always hate it. It's just..."

"Unexpected." That. "And you don't know what it means."

And especially that. "Exactly."

"Hmm. Well, I don't know much about cambion powers, but my foster mother had a few... gifts, I guess you could call them."

"Old Greta?"

Morgan nodded. She didn't talk about her foster mother much, just like her late husband and her dead daughter--too many memories--but from what Vera did know, she wasn't surprised. "By the time I was around, she had a handle on them all, but I think I remember her saying that a few of them changed over time. Evolved from other powers or something."

"Evolving?" But what did that mean? "You mean... I could have a new power?" Surely she would have noticed something! Unless maybe will was required on her part--and in that case, how would she even know?

Her friend shrugged. "Maybe."

Not really an answer. A start, sure--but not an answer. "What do you think it could be?"



Van said...


P. Fox said...

Dun dun DUNNNN! I kind of trust that it will be something positive though. The color thing wasn't so much a power as it was err, a signpost that she could neither read nor adhere to accordingly. All of which leads me to guess that in the future, she will be able to predict danger in order to thwart it like a badass?

That is probably the first time that anyone has ever imagined Vera as a badass for any reason ever. But OMG she could be such a badass!

Pen L. O. Pee said...

Also, I would like to add that Casimiro wasted no time. Is this Seiron's first ring around the mulberry bush? I know, I have to wait to see. :p The preview is a little worrisome. Either Casimiro is thinking, "Wow, I'm smitten!" or, "What have a I done?!?!"

Van said...

If it is sort of a psychic "upgrade", it'll probably have something to do with death. It might be another prediction power, but it might be something else entirely.

But yeah, depending on what, she could very well be a badass.

As for Casimiro... I guess we'll see? ;)