May 13, 2014

In Which Florian Gives His Report

August 7, 1185

"So you talked to that... Master Maesflein, was it?"

Straight to the point. Florian nodded. He hadn't been given every detail, but he got that it was something big--and dropping in on the party in question had confirmed that. "Yes. He's an asshole."

"You confirmed that he owns the brothel in that village?"


"And that he seizes most of the profits for himself?"

Well... he'd implied it. "He said that if the women have a problem with it, they can turn their tricks in ditches."

"That's all he had to say for himself?"

"Well, he used another word instead of 'women', but other than that, yes."

"An asshole indeed." The baron crossed his arms, scowling. He wasn't ordinarily an intimidating man, but Florian would not have wanted to be Master Maesflein just then. Or any time, really... but especially not then. "How did he react to his brothel's closure?"

"About as well as you'd expect. Railed on about how it was their own responsibility to keep themselves in good health." As if they could possibly afford regular care on their measly cuts. As a parent of a son with a bizarre health problem, Florian knew damn well that visits to healers could add up.

"That is about as well as I'd expect, given what I know." And so the scowl curled. "We should have been on this years ago."

"But we didn't know." No one ever said a thing.

"We should have. Once this is all over, I'm going to adopt the Veldorashire prostitution laws. No more greedy sons of bitches taking advantage like this." The baron's fingers clenched around his upper arm. For a brief second, Florian feared a muscle might burst. "But for now, have a warrant of arrest drawn up for Grayer Maesflein on charges of wage-withholding, neglect of workplace safety, and endangerment of public health--or whatever legal jargon the reeve prefers. I want him sitting in the dungeons no later than this time tomorrow."

What he meant was 'this time yesterday'. A pity that wasn't possible. "Yes, sir."



Van said...

The narrative in this post didn't want to exist, so I sort of stopped trying. It's been that kind of day.

Winter said...

I hope that bastard enjoys the dungeons.

This post showed an upside to medieval government in the right hands - easy implementation of beneficial laws and semi-summary justice. I was counting on Octavius to be outraged and angry, and he didn't disappoint. Brownie points all around for the good guys.

Van said...

The dungeons may be the least of Maesflein's worries. I have a shoot to do tonight that should be... interesting.

Naroni's government is largely a matter of convenience. It's not feudalism, where serfs are essentially expected to get sick and die. There are basic protections in order for many, and some lords are capable of realizing that there will always be brothels, so might as well make sure that the workers are in good health, for everyone's sake.

Ekho said...

OOoh. So looking forward to this! Especially after hearing what he said about the girls, and suggesting they 'turn their tricks in the ditches' argh.
I'm a little worried about the women now though, with the brothel closed what are they going to do? It's not like they have a better job to turn to :S

Van said...

Yeah, this is one guy who needs to get what's coming to him...

The women are being reimbursed for every day the brothel is closed, and will be sent to Aerina on the nobles' dime before it reopens under the rule of a new madame. More on that later.