February 12, 2014

Unexpected Hiatus

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So, my laptop is sick and will be going to the computer hospital.

Long story short, I had an issue that was most likely the result of a Windows update, but when I was on the phone with tech support, they had me run diagnostics on the machine just in case, and it kept crashing during the process (even after a bios update), so while they didn't get enough information to pinpoint the exact issue, there is almost definitely some sort of not-yet-fatal, but worth-looking-into hardware problem.

The computer is still functional at the moment--I'm on it right now, not wanting to type this up on my phone--but seeing as it's still under warranty, it doesn't seem like the worst idea to send it in before anything catastrophic happens. I did run a backup between the resolution of the initial issue and the diagnostic tests, so if it turns out to be a hard drive issue, I'll be able to restore my data (though I'm kind of hoping it's something that won't require that, because I'm lazy).

In any case, the lack of laptop means that I won't have access to the game, so as far as my own Sims stuff goes, I'm going to have to take a hiatus. I don't know exactly when I'll get my computer back, since that will depend on how busy the technicians are and just what the issue is and other things I don't feel confident about guessing right now, but I was given a conservative estimate of five to seven business days and was told that they'd phone me with an update on Monday.

The timing is pretty lousy since a ton of other Medieval/Fantasy Sims stories are on hiatus right now (never mind all the other crap in my personal life at the moment), and I'm sorry about that. That said, while I won't be updating or making custom content, I do have my phone and I do have a certain degree of access to my dad's computer, so I will be able to read, comment, and respond to comments (though comments from my phone may be sloppy). I just may not be as prompt as usual.

Thanks for understanding, everyone. Here's hoping it won't be too long a wait.


Ekho said...

i was experiencing the same issues with my pc a week ago and i updated the bios for the first time so it coincided with my hiatus. hopefully you'll have things up and running soon!

Van said...

One of the things tech support had me do was update bios, but that didn't stop the crashing during diagnostics. :S

I'm glad that your computer issues were resolved. Hopefully my machine won't be out of commission for too long either.

Winter said...

I've been there, Van, and it's not fun. But, better to have it checked out than suffer a sudden/total failure later. You'll be back before we know it. :D

Van said...

Yeah, computer problems suck. But if there is a problem, best to get it dealt with soon.

My main concern at the moment is shipping. I had the computer picked up yesterday and I'm hoping it went out today, because I'm not sure if the shipping company operates on weekends. :S