February 10, 2014

In Which Severin Ponders the Standards of Luck

September 17, 1184

"So today I have to take my brother to the doctor after school, but I could come over and help you with history tomorrow." History was probably Severin's least favorite subject, but it was also Rina's worst. He'd helped her with her other subjects some months prior, to the point where she was mostly caught up, but her grandfather's death had hit before they could get to history, and she hadn't felt up to it since. Even now, he felt bad about pushing her.

But his obsession was getting to an unhealthy point. She'd had a week off from classes earlier in the month and on Wednesday, the agitation of her absence had mounted to the point where Hamrick had caught him sulking and sent him off to the brothel with a full purse. There had been a brown-haired, blue-eyed girl with freckles. He'd called her Rina as he climaxed and while women of the night may have been used to such instances, he still felt bad about it. He'd tipped her handsomely.

He doubted she wanted to court anyone--and if she did, she probably wouldn't have settled for him. But he didn't want to be one of those assholes who were only friends with a girl if they wanted to get her into bed, and in truth he liked spending time with her so much that a platonic relationship was infinitely preferable to nothing at all.

"I guess that's fine." She shrugged. Probably all the enthusiasm he could expect from her about history. "I mean, my family would leave us alone if we're studying."

...eh? "Alone?"

"Yes, well... I don't know. My uncle keeps asking all these questions." She plucked a blade of grass from the ground and tossed it aside. "I think he's planning a birthday party for me."

Spoken like she'd uncovered a murder plot. "Your birthday?"

"The fourth. Like I really care. The last thing I want is a big party." A couple more blades suffered the same fate as the first. Severin couldn't blame her. His parents had thrown a large surprise party for his and Alina's tenth birthday, and he'd spent most of it hiding in the attic. At least Alina had enjoyed it. "There's nothing I want anyway--or nothing he can do, at least. The only thing that might make life any better right now is having Kevin back."

Severin swallowed. If Kevin was a boy's name, then Kevin was a boy's name. He didn't want to be jealous. He'd force himself out of it. "Who's Kevin?"

"My horse."

Huh. Perhaps he'd rethink his blase attitude toward the animals. "Your horse?"

"Yes. My father, he, uh... he wouldn't let me take Kevin." Why was that not a surprise? That prick. "He's back in Dovia. My grandmother says he's being used for work now; I guess I'm just lucky that my father didn't have him slaughtered."

God, she had low standards of luck. Even by his reckoning. "That's rough. But couldn't you get a new one?" I mean, it's hardly as if your uncle or your grandmother is strapped for cash...

"I don't want a new one. I want Kevin."

Well, fuck. Now she sounded like Teodrin when their last cat died. A week later and a new cat had cheered him right up.

But Rina wasn't much like Teodrin. She wasn't much like anyone.

Who knew? Maybe that horse was just as different.



Van said...

Fitting. A meh post for a meh day.

Ekho said...

Not meh! I love Severin, he's so my type. I think Rina would be unbearably jealous if another girl showed interest in him, with all the time they're spending together she would feel territorial.
I think he already feels that way about her :P
Maybe Severin and one of his brother's can go on a rescue mission for Kevin! Or maybe he can ask Rina's grandmother to help him out and it could be a REAL birthday surprise for Rina :3

Van said...

I don't know how likely it is at this point that anyone else will show much interest in Severin--most of the girls his age think he's kind of a jerk, and they're not entirely wrong--but who knows, maybe Rina would react that way. We haven't been in her head too much where Severin is concerned, though I think it's safe to say she'd rather not be involved with anyone just yet.

I would not give up hope for Kevin just yet. ;)

Orilon said...

Since her father is a major ass and worse, I can see why she would consider it luck that Kevin wasn't slaughtered.

The preview looks like Severin may be up something possibly dealing with Rina's horse.

Van said...

I would not be surprised if Felron had a history of mistreating animals. :S

As for what's up in the preview... well, I guess we'll see? ;)

Penelope said...

If Kevin was a boy's name, then Kevin was a boy's name.

And... I died. *HAHAHA* Oh man.

Awwwww, is Severin going to try to get her horse back?!?! That would be so sweet that I would die again, this time from the cuteness!

Van said...


That would not be the most impossible thing. ;)