December 13, 2013

In Which Searle Tries the Better Solution

January 6, 1184

"Mind bending over a bit more? I'll admit to ogling my fair share of asses, but yours is so damn perfect that I kind of want to wear it as a hat."

Searle didn't want to over-think what that might have meant, but he leaned forward anyway, just to indulge Congren. If he was honest with himself, he didn't like his latest squeeze that much. Congren was, to put it nicely... kind of an asshole. If he wasn't making lewd comments that suggested the world revolved around his penis, then he was bashing his younger siblings behind their backs and complaining about the way his father ran the family business. Searle didn't know much about business, but he'd always figured Master Indruion was doing a decent job, given that he was one of the wealthier gentlemen in the shire. And he did know about siblings! They could be pains, sure, but... well, weren't they his pains?

Plus, when it got down to it, he didn't like being treated as a pretty piece of meat. Congren may have licked every square inch of his body, but Searle would have been shocked if he knew when his birthday was. Or if he cared.

And yet... well, Congren was the third man he'd ever slept with, and there was one area where he had both Sparron and Casimiro beat. In all Searle's years of on-again-off-again with Sparron, he couldn't recall ever hearing him admit aloud that he liked men. Sure, the sex may have said it for him, but that had never stopped him from changing the subject every time it came up, from panicking whenever the slightest risk of being found out arose. To this day, Sparron might have fucked a woman on a dining table during a holiday banquet just to prove otherwise.

Casimiro had been better. He knew he liked men, and once he'd been sure he was in a safe space, he'd had no problem owning up to it. But he too got a little sheepish when it came up, whenever sexual history was discussed. He too--to a certain extent--felt some need to pretend to himself.

Congren did not. He kept the required front in public, but that was it. Within five minutes of their first rendezvous, Congren had made it clear that damn right he slept with men, and damn right he liked it. Not only that, but he'd never so much as kissed a woman in his life, even making a fake-vomiting noise when Searle had suggested it. Congren may have been an ass, but at least he was honest--even if he didn't seem to believe that Searle could possibly like both.

"Mind trying a little harder? It's freezing in here. I could carve marble sculptures with my nipples."

Searle sighed. "Put on your shirt, then."

"What's the point? I fully plan on taking it off again anyway. You know the best way to give me a boner is a tongue in my bellybutton." Another plus to Congren was that he knew his own body. Aside from the obvious, Sparron either didn't know or was too uncomfortable to own up to his own sweet spots. Searle tried to focus on that. "And speaking of boners, you might want to lose those tights. I'm going to get you so hard you could joust with that thing."


"Damn right." The cushions rustled. Congren must have pushed himself up. A couple pats on the empty seat confirmed it. "That fire isn't heating this place worth shit. Get over here and warm me up yourself."

Searle set down the poker and did as he was told. It was easier that way. He may not have liked Congren, but...

Well, he was a better solution than alcohol.

"So... you're not going to be wanted at home for a while yet?"

Congren snorted. "As if Father and Had ever notice when I'm gone--never mind who's the one doing most of the grunt work. And the girls are at school, and of course that little shit Sev gets to go to university."

"Oh." Searle's little half-siblings would all get to go to university, while he hadn't... but wasn't 'little shit' a bit harsh? None of them had chosen to be born recently enough to attend. But there was no reasoning with Congren as far as his younger brother was concerned.

Sparron loved his little siblings. "I see."

"So I've got a few hours to kill, and your wife and kids won't be home for a while either."

Yes. Rennie and Arkon and Alina were at school now. And Severin was with Riona and Isidro.

Lettie was at work--and when her classes weren't in session, she'd probably be visiting with Cherry and Morgan at Cherry's house in the university's village. Sometimes, Searle wondered if she wanted to pack up the kids and move there herself. Maybe it would have been for the best, at least in so much as anything was for the best these days.

"What do you say?" Congren's hand landed near the top of Searle's thigh and worked its way inward. "Shall we go for a few more rounds?"

What the hell. It wasn't as if he had anything else.

Searle lunged, taking Congren down with a kiss, all the while struggling not to wish he was Sparron.



Van said...

Welcome to head cold season.

Mimus said...

Geez, Congren is even worse then I imagined. O.o'
He's obviously the black sheep of the Family, for all that he believes Sev is it while he, Congren, is the hard worker. /sarcasm
But I'm pretty sure that, even if Congren were a few years younger, he would still not have had the smarts to go to University. Or would have dropped out before he made any progress.
I'm glad that Sev will be able to rub the fact that he's the one going to University under his older brother's nose, even if he never does so.

Van said...

Yeah, Congren is the black sheep of the family. To his credit, he does do his share of the work, but that's about all I can say about him that's flattering at this point. That and that at least he's straightforward about what he wants.

I don't know if I can picture Congren in a university setting, except maybe as a frat boy. He'd probably get pretty bored pretty fast.

Winter said...

Head colds are no fun!

Searle should consider going back to drinking if Congren is his alternative. Congren isn't quite Brother Loki, but the aura around him is crude and mean. It doesn't seem healthy for Searle for any length of time. Congren's confidence with himself is fine and all. I just can't help wanting him away from Searle before he breaks something.

Anonymous said...

I kind of want to take Searle and shake him a bit here. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad he's not drinking, and I think it might be marginally easier to kick a Congren habit than a drinking habit. But when he says he has nothing left ...

Jiminy Cricket, Searle, maybe your relationship with Lettie is toast, but you still have your kids. He was a pretty terrible dad to them for a while there, but tomorrow is another day, and he can start to make his relationship with his kids better. He's not drinking any more, so that's a hugely good start. If he starts paying attention to them, loving him the way he used to before his life went to hell ... he could remake that relationship.

I do have to wonder, though, is Searle suffering from some kind of depression? Because that might explain why he keeps making such self-destructive decisions ...

And while I see nothing wrong with a few afternoons with Congren here and there ... I just object to Searle thinking that that's all he has left. It isn't. He has the power to change his own life for the better, if only he'd see it.

Van said...

Winter: Indeed, they are not. :S

Congren is pretty crude and mean, and I guess if he gets credit for anything, he might very well be the first to admit it. But for someone like Searle... no, a continued acquaintance with someone like Congren probably isn't the best idea. But I don't think Searle is kidding himself about some sort of long-term relationship here, and hopefully that doesn't change any time soon.

Morgaine: Searle does have the kids! And to his credit... they are not home right now, so who knows, maybe he puts in at least a little effort when they're actually around. They're young enough that his relationship with them is still salvageable, even though it will be an uphill battle; if Searle can win over Rennie, then the rest should follow fairly easily.

At least he's kicked the alcohol. But yes, he probably is depressed.

If Searle wanted to screw around with Congren just for the sake of it, all the power to him. That said, right now, I think he's doing it for the wrong reasons.

Ekho said...

Hmm, not sure I like Congren, I agree he seems like a bit of an ass. But then again, I like his sass. Poor Searle, he doesn't just have to deal with his own demons about everything, he's also dealing with Sparron's, in a way that cannot promises any improvement or revolutions one day. I wonder does Lettie know that Searle is seeing someone? I don't think there would be a problem, I mean, there's got to be another man out there who Searle can love - and who can love him in return.

Van said...

Oh, Congren's definitely an ass. But he's not an ass without merits, sass included.

At this point, Searle seems pretty much completely incapable of fully divorcing himself from Sparron. Ever other romantic partner Searle has will have to measure up to Sparron, and in his mind, they never will. :S

I don't know if Lettie knows about Congren. If she did, she probably wouldn't care too much, as long as Searle wasn't constantly blowing off the kids in favour of his lover. Hell, even if Congren was a woman, I doubt she'd really mind, because she's kind of done with being Searle's lover herself, even if she's still willing to be his wife. She probably would have preferred him sleeping with Casimiro, though--if only because Casimiro is such a good guy.

Penelope said...

Who IS this belching frat boy? Indruion? Is he one of Adonis's kids? He is so wrong for Searle. So very wrong. I wonder what Sparron would think about this. Actually, strike that. I know what Sparron would think about this. I wonder what he would feel about this. :S

Van said...

Yep, Congren is the sibling between Asalaye and Sev.

Yeah, he's kind of an ass, but luckily for Searle, I doubt he's in the market for a long-term relationship. He'll probably live his life on fling after fling, until he's a geezer rancher watching that handsome young farmhands from his porch, and I'm sure he prefers it that way.

Good question. In his heart of hearts, I think Searle being involved with anyone else is always going to hurt Sparron. On more conscious levels, though, he might figure that the more sex Searle is having elsewhere, the less chance of him showing up again and trying to get him back into bed.