December 17, 2013

In Which Devidra Becomes an Aunt

February 10, 1184


While Mona took her much-deserved nap, Zareth and the baby had relocated to the nursery, or so Anna had said as she'd met Devidra and Adrius and the children at the door. Anna had been at her friend's side for over a day, and of course she'd already seen the baby--perhaps a little too much of the baby--so they'd left her to reunite with her own two children while they went on ahead.

Sure enough, Devidra's brother had been found in the little tower room off of the master bedroom--along with her niece.

And what an adorable little niece she was! It was difficult to believe that Zareth could have had anything to do with the production of someone so inhumanly cute, but here was the proof right in front of her. The little girl no doubt had her father's coloring, right down to the wispy dark hairs atop her head, but she must have had enough of her mother in her to at least make up for the shape of his features.

Or perhaps not--but if she did have her father's nose, Devidra was sure she'd wear it well.

"It's about damn time one of my brothers made me an aunt."

Zareth shot her a frown, but his eyes were somewhat more than amused. "I figured you'd be pleased."

"Naturally. Here I am, a grandmother twice over before becoming an aunt once. I was beginning to think this day would never come."

But thank God it had! The baby was indisputable evidence of a consummated marriage. Roderick's daughter was bound to her brother until one of them died, and there was nothing his ill-mannered son could do about it. And since the baby was a girl, Zareth had the added bonus of not having stepped on Lander's toes in regard to the earldom; if his luck held, Adrius and Anna would have their second son before he had his first.

Plus... oh, how long she'd hoped to be an aunt!

"Now, tell me: what is her name?"


He didn't mention anything about Mona's mother. Nor did she--it was better if he thought she didn't know. "That's a pretty name." If anyone caught the similarity, surely Mona and Anna already had a cover story cooked up.

"Avirelle will be pleased to have a new playmate," muttered Adrius, speaking at last. "As I am pleased to have a new cousin."

"Of course you are. None of your cousins on your father's side are worthy of the name." Of course... aside from being born, Lara had yet to do much, not unlike any of Adrius's other cousins. Of course she hadn't. She was a baby.

But no doubt her niece would grow to be different, given time--different, better. Devidra would make damn sure of it if her parents did not.

But it was a little early to discount her parents yet.



Van said...

Sorry about the filler post.

Ann said...

Adorable babies are never anything to appologize over! D'awwwwwwwwws! I hope Lara and Avirelle become close friends! And it was VERY interesting to take a look into Devidra's mind, on this occasion especially.

Mimus said...

Aww, it's cute and funny how happy Devidra is about being an aunt. xD
And yay that Ietrin can't throw a wrench in the life of his sister anymore.

Ekho said...

I'm sure baby Lara will grow up well! She has quite a few strong people to stand beside her, so I'm not worried one bit.

Van said...

Ann: I'm sure Lara and Avirelle will be thick as thieves. ;)

Devidra's POV was difficult to write here, because it is so rare that she's genuinely happy about anything. She sort of seemed like a stranger to me as I was writing this.

Mimus: Continuing what I said to Ann, I'm glad the Devidra POV apparently worked here, because I was pretty sure it wouldn't.

And yep--even if Ietrin found out about the Mona/Anna switch tomorrow, there is absolutely nothing he can do about it. :D

Ekho: I'm sure she will. If nothing else, she has no shortage of mostly-good role models.