December 11, 2013

In Which Raia Takes Stock of the Ways

January 4, 1184

"So," Raia's father greeted her as he eased up on the embrace, "how was the first day of classes?"

Raia shrugged, as if it had been just another day--which, eventually, it would be--but a little grin wormed its way out of her. Yesterday had been the opening ceremonies, and they'd gone much more smoothly than she'd cautiously anticipated; her father had been there, and he'd agreed. They'd both taken it as a good sign. "Well, I was in my office most of the day, but I haven't had any complaints--and the professors I caught on my way out seemed pleased with how their classes had gone."

Of course... they each only had two hour-long classes on Wednesdays, at this point. That would change come spring, when new students started, and come summer, when the winter's batch would be ready for their second-level courses. But there was no sense in pointing that out to her father, since he already knew the schedule and realized that they had to start somewhere. "Glad to hear it. So, what did you and Ellona do all day?"

"We mainly went over the finances, though we also started working on the spring and summer timetables."

"No disputes?"

"Just one young man who had an issue with one of his roommates; it wasn't a hassle to move him to another house." Especially since... well, there were still plenty of empty rooms. That would change, though--she was sure of it. "I take it the kids weren't too fussy?"

"No, they were good. Viridia had a bit of trouble taking from the wet nurse at first, but they've worked things out. Rio had a lot of fun with Celina, even if she's a little young."

"I hope he won't be too mad at me for taking him away early, then." Or was it early? Maybe she'd be finished work before Falidor was more often than not. Maybe it wouldn't even be strange if she regularly got home before Alina and Sev returned from school.

God, she couldn't believe that her elder two were in school! Elder three, come autumn!

Smirking, her father shook his head. "I think he still likes his mother more than he likes his cousin."

"I should hope so! No offense to Celina, of course."

"I take none on her behalf. Celina likes her mother more than she likes her cousin too; she'll forget all about Rio when Xeta gets back from the school."

"Not to mention, her siblings and aunts." Nora must have been so relieved to have some time to herself! "Must have been a quiet day around here."

"Quietest day I've had since before you were born!" He was as wide-eyed as one of her kids upon opening a much-coveted birthday present. Not that she couldn't understand; she'd had her quietest day in quite some time herself. "But really... I have to thank you for all of this. You and Ellona both. This university is going to benefit us all in more ways than we even realize at this point."

And maybe they'd be long dead before they ever could. That was fine.

Those ways weren't all the ways, after all. "And in many that we do."



Van said...

I've decided that starting this year, I'm going to post pictures of everyone who ages up any given month to my Tumblr (since a lot of my Sims will probably never otherwise hit the internet). The January batch is up.

Now, time to make some candy cane bark! :)

Anonymous said...

Woohoo! Holiday treats!

And yay, the university is off to a great start! (And Raia looks awesome in her robes, if I do say so myself! *giggles*) May every day be as calm and--

Wait, what am I saying? A university where every day is calm and uneventful is just no fun! I want the students to be pulling pranks, darn it, or else what's the point?

(Education? What's that?)

But still, may this be the harbinger of good things to come! May all the cousins get a long well, and still want to go home to their mothers at the end of the day!

And may Severin thoroughly enjoy the many, many quiet days that are sure to come his way!

Van said...

She does look awesome in her robes! :D

Oh, there will be shenanigans eventually, once I have a few more actually-existent-in-game students (currently it's just Sev Indruion all by his lonesome, and Sev's not really a troublemaker). But I suspect that there won't be much trouble on the admin front for quite a while.

(In fact... the first little snag I have planned for Raia is that idea I bounced off of you... ;) )

Severin is definitely enjoying having all of those kids out of the castle for most of the day! Little Celina is the only one of Jadin and Xeta's kids who isn't old enough for school, and all of Severin and Nora's kids are too (though their sons are all living with various half-siblings for squire/page purposes anyway). Other than that, there's just any grandkids who need a place to stay during the day while their parents are teaching, and they're generally good about entertaining each other.

Winter said...

The picture of Raia after Severin says Rio still likes her more than his cousin is priceless. It sounds like he'll adjust to the new schedule pretty easily even without the distraction of his own school. And Raia does look damn nice in those robes. This university is going to be terrific for sure.

Van said...

She does still like to be her son's favourite. :)

Yeah, Rio should be able to adjust reasonably well. Baths aside, he's a pretty laid-back kid. Plus he'll be starting school himself in the fall anyway, so he won't have to deal with being dropped off at Grandpa's every day for too long.

Finally, Naroni has something good putting it on the map! XD

Penelope said...

Kind of weird to see Raia so covered up. She is usually more... er... I don't want to say "naked"...

Van said...

You know, it's funny that you mention Raia's outfits, because I just switched her to yet another one in the update I posted yesterday and I'm still not happy with what she's wearing. I seem to have a hundred ideas of what I don't want and none of what I do.

But this is her work outfit, so we'll doubtlessly be seeing more of it.