September 2, 2013

In Which Severin Sees the Knack Explained

September 20, 1182

"So I brought the books from the past two years, plus last year's projections for this year. I gave them to Falidor, so they should be on your desk now. Let me know if you need anything from further back."

"That shouldn't be necessary, but thank you." As they often did when Severin ran out of work for him, Lucien's brows fell, the one hint of disappointment on an otherwise eager face. Since his youngest son-in-law hadn't had the formal training required of a knight, Severin had instead given Lucien control of his archives, which... might not have been the best idea. Not that Lucien hadn't proven capable, but the archives made for slow work and sometimes none at all, and the young man had an insatiable need to feel useful, to keep himself occupied. Something more to his liking would come up eventually--Severin was sure of it--but for now...

"And sorry."

"Don't be. I've been meaning to implement a new filing system, so I'll just get started on that."

That would be the fifth new filing system in as many months. Yes, the poor man needed something better. "You know, you are allowed to take a day off every once in a while."

"I know, but I feel like I've had too many recently."

"As if I'm going to begrudge you for wanting to take care of my daughter after her... visions." Especially when they'd turned out to be his other daughter and son-in-law. But few dropped the habit of over-apologizing, and Lucien was no exception.

"Yes, but..."

"My lord?"

The interruption occurred in the form of Morgan, through the sitting room door with her arms unaccompanied; Viridis must have been down for her nap. "Oh. Sorry, I didn't know you had company."

"Quite all right." Severin paid her a quick smile, then nodded toward his son-in-law. "Actually, this is Lucien--Vera's husband. Lucien, this is Morgan."

Lucien bowed his head--though strangely enough, his eyes didn't follow. "I missed you when you called on my wife and son."

"That's all right. I knew we'd meet eventually."

Severin frowned, though perhaps he was reading a little too far into it. Logically, it would have been only a matter of time before they met, but Morgan did seem to have a certain... knack.

"Anyway, my lord, I thought you might want to send someone down to the butcher's in the village by the Tetran border."

A certain uncanny knack. "Oh?"

"It seems that someone there hasn't been too diligent about keeping track of slaughter dates."

"So people may be buying bad meat." Morgan nodded. Hmmm. "Where did you hear this?"

"Oh, you know--the grape vine." She grinned, a little too widely.

"Interesting. That particular tidbit hadn't quite reached my ears." Just like many of the other 'tips' she'd given him since she'd shown up. He wondered if this one would adhere to the same remarkable standard of accuracy as the others. "But I'll be sure to send someone to look around. Thank you."

"You're welcome--though if my sources are correct, you might want to get on it today--you leaving for Carvallon tomorrow and all."

Right. Carvallon. If nothing else, surely a trip with Haldred of all people would be enough to make him never want to leave home again. But Searle's body had to be buried, and Severin needed to see his daughter's grave. "Noted."

"Thank you, my lord. And nice meeting you, Master Shadeling."

Lucien grimaced. "Yes, you too, Mistress Kellius."

Morgan smiled back, then turned around and returned to the other room, shutting the door behind her. Severin waited a few seconds before he looked to his son-in-law; sure enough, Lucien was still staring after Morgan's path. "Well?"

"She, uh..." The young man swallowed. "She's a cambion."

Severin glanced back at the door again. That was a word he'd hoped he wouldn't be hearing again for another while yet. A lucky thing that Morgan hadn't arrived a few years earlier, when Remiel had still been around. "Like you and my mother?"

"Yes, though she probably doesn't know it, which is why she wouldn't have known my energy. Or yours, or Vera's."

"Still explains her mysterious predictions. And I think Searle did say that Morgan just turned up when they needed a nurse." Though of all things that could have come to her at that moment... why that? Why had whatever force that governed her powers granted her the knowledge of the distressed young family? The tie to his mother, perhaps. Or simply luck. If Morgan herself didn't know what she was, then who was she to know how her visions worked? "Should we tell her?"

"Well... she should know, but we'll have to find the right way to tell her. I won't even tell you how Remiel told me." Though Severin thought he could guess. It wasn't pretty. "Maybe give her some time to get comfortable here, then I'll talk to her once she knows me a little better and she's in a safer place emotionally. After that, I guess she can decide whether she wants to live with Vera and me. She might not want to be around me after that."

Perhaps not. Or perhaps otherwise. "Fair enough."



Van said...

I think I might be coming down with something. :S

Orilon said...

Blah, hope you feel better soon.

On this part ""Actually, this is Lucien--Vera's husband. Lucien, this is Vera." did you mean the second Vera to be Morgan?

Hmm, What Lucien said brings up interesting questions about Morgan's past.

Ann said...

Hm, I kinda thought this might be it. An I'm not so sure that Morgan is oblivious. I would be willing to bet that she at least has an inkling that she's somewhat different than others, even if she might not be able to tell that Lucien is too.
Can't see her wanting to avoid Lucien either, after he tells her what she is and what that means. But we will see, no? ^^

I hope you feel better soon! Give that bug (or whatever it is) a kick from me, alright? And rest well!

Van said...

Orilon: Thanks!

And d'oh! I'll fix that. Serves me right, having so many names in one sentence. :S

We'll be finding out a bit more about Morgan's past as she continues to settle in. We might have to wait for Spring '83 for the bulk of it, though; winter is going to be packed.

Ann: I'm sure Morgan is at least aware that gifts like hers are not exactly commonplace. There may have also been someone in her past who may have shed some light on things, but we'll get to that later.

She doesn't seem like the type to react by avoiding people, so I don't think Lucien needs to be worried there (even if it might be a bit awkward for a few days or so).

Thanks! I'm not sure what it is, but it seems to be mostly headache/fatigue. :S

Anonymous said...

Headache? *shudders* Feel better soon, Van!

And ah-HA! Well, that explains a lot about Morgan. Makes perfect sense, too. If Vera is quarter-cambion (?) and has visions/premonitions of the future, a whole-cambion would probably have a stronger sense of what the future will bring.

And I agree with Ann that I don't see Morgan wanting to avoid Lucien after he tells her what's what. Presumably Morgan already knows she's different. Probably having a name to put to what she is and understanding that she's not alone will come as a relief. Lucien might not have reacted well when Remiel told him what he was, because ... well ... Remiel. But Morgan's in a very different place.

Besides, with Ietrin on the throne, we can all use more magic-users on the side of good around, so here's hoping Lucien finds a way to tell Morgan stat.

Van said...


It does explain quite a bit. ;) More reason for Morgan to befriend Vera as well.

No, I doubt Morgan will want to avoid Lucien, though Lucien does tend to assume the worst case scenario. And I'm sure she'll take it well, since she does have a lot of questions about her origins (as we'll see in a few posts) and yes, it will be good for her to know that she's not the only one.

And Lucien is bound to do a much better job of telling than Remiel. ;)

Winter said...

And now Morgan's moments of prescience become clearer! I'm looking forward to seeing how she handles this information. At least she's landed in a family uniquely qualified to help her understand what she is. Little Viridis wasn't the only lucky one after all.

I remember Remiel being surprised that Laveria had children. Did Morgan's energy have something to do with her baby's death?

I hope you're feeling better :)

Van said...

Yep! Morgan probably won't be told for a while yet (just because winter will be kind of packed--but not as packed as the past few years in general, luckily!), but I expect she'll handle it fairly well. And if not, yeah, she did come to the right place for people who will help her understand.

Why her powers alerted her to Viridis and Searle, perhaps? ;)

Remiel was surprised that Laveria had children. From his experience, the cambions he's come across have been sterile (though Laveria speculated that most of the cambions Remiel came across didn't live long enough to reproduce, which is probably the truth of the matter).

Alas, Morgan's baby was a sacrifice the plot demanded. But if she ever decides to have another baby, there's no reason that that baby shouldn't be luckier than their big sister.

Thanks! I am feeling mostly better at this point.