September 18, 2013

In Which Raia Meets with the Recruits

January 13, 1183

"Glad you could all make it."

Raia stopped short of the sitting room rug and surveyed her guests: Lettie, Lucien, and Morgan. A certain percentage of professors would have to come from the church--the books that Isidro had inherited from his grandfather were a good start, but some overflow from the monastery's library would be required, and even Raia's father had to admit that the monks and nuns were probably the most qualified for the teaching jobs--but the administration and the patrons alike had agreed that a mainly secular venture required at least some secular staff.

So Raia and Ellona--absent today as one of the twins had a cough--had spent an afternoon a couple days prior going over prospective candidates, clever people in need of something to do with their days or who might not have been satisfied with their present occupations. Though admittedly these three ran the risk of accusations of nepotism, they did fit that criteria.

And who was anyone kidding, really? If one wanted to find nepotism, all they had to do was throw a stone. And at least no one could make that claim in regards to the art professor her father had hired! "All right, here we have Lettie Mokonri, Lucien Shadeling, and Morgan Kellius. Everyone, this is Andavra Stephane. She's staying with Falidor and me temporarily."

The new hire waved. "You can all call me Cherry. Everyone does."

"Why Cherry?" asked Lettie as Raia headed for the empty seat beside her, Cherry taking the one by Morgan.

"Oh, I won't get into that now. It's a long, complicated story involving a basket-weaving contest and a band of Norwegian whalers." She smirked at Raia--who had heard it the night before. Long and complicated indeed. "Will you all be teaching too?"

Lucien shot Raia a confused glance, one brow knotting over the other. "Teaching?"

"Yes, that's why all of you are here. I wanted to know if any of you would be interested." And why wouldn't they be? Her father claimed that Lucien was wasted in his current position, it was only a matter of time before Morgan had weaned Viridis, and Lettie was almost as bored at home as Raia herself had been. "But of course, you can say no if you like."

"What would we be teaching?"

"Well, I was thinking that Morgan could teach literature." If Vera was to be believed, there was the start of a book on Morgan's bedside table. "As for you two... well, Ellona and I have a curriculum drawn up with a number of disciplines. You could each have your pick of those, then the rest of the year to familiarize yourself with your chosen subject. Perhaps not the ideal way to train a professor, but... well, we all have to start somewhere, don't we?"

Lettie and Lucien shared a glance, leaving it for Morgan to answer--and not without a hint of a smile. "I'd be fine with teaching literature."

"You know, our grandfather used to be Dovia's Chief Justiciar in his younger days. If I had some time to refresh my legal knowledge, I could maybe teach political science," offered Lettie. "My mother may have brought some of his old texts with her when she married the baron."

"Very well. Lucien, how about you?"

"I'd be willing to teach, but I'm at a loss as to what. I'll have to look over your curriculum."

"All right. Come by tomorrow and we'll talk privately." So that was four secular teachers--a third of the dozen disciplines covered. With any luck, she'd find one or two more recruits, then the church could provide the rest. "Is there any chance that Vera would be interested?"

"Actually, Xeta called yesterday; I think she's roped Vera into a project of her own." He winked, but elaborated no further. Raia made a point to pester her sister about it later.

"All right. Well... keep your eyes open for anyone else who might want to teach and might do a half-decent job of it. We're hoping for at least five secular professors.

"But given that we have four already, I'd say that's not bad at all."



Van said...

...anyone know a good treatment for a stiff neck? :S

Ann said...

Sweet! Naroni U will be awesome! *does bunny dance*

My mom has that sometimes. A good massage usually helps her. (Guess who's the one she asks to do it.) But you need to be careful, because when the muscles are stiff you need to loosen them up gently or you might cause some tiny rips in the muscle fibers, which will only make it worse in the long run.
Wish I could come over to help you with that. :( WHY must you be at the other end of the world?

Van said...

My mom gave me a short massage; it seemed to help somewhat (she also made me do some stretches, which, uh... maybe not so much).

Geography sucks, doesn't it? :S

Mimus said...

Hmmm, how about history for Lucien? I mean, he already is an archivist...

Stiff neck...
Maybe a wet scarf around the neck?
I'm not sure if it is the same Thing, but it helped me as a kid when I couldn't even turn my head - or keep it upright - for a few days...

PS: Is that a Jeda-baby I süy in the preview picture?
And before Ietrin complains (or rejoices), he really needs to read this comic strip:
Maybe he would change his mind after that. xD

Van said...

Lucien could definitely teach history. There are a few subjects I could see him managing quite well. :)

Not being able to turn the head sounds about right. Yikes, it's bad enough for an adult, but it must have sucked having that as a kid. :S

That does look like Jeda behind Camaline, and she does appear to be holding something wrapped in a blanket...

XD XD That comic is priceless! Ietrin definitely should read that. XD

Mimus said...

I had it a few times as a kid. Usually right after waking up. I must have had quite weird sleeping positions as a child. <.<
Once it was especially bad and I thought: "That's it. I'm never going to be able to hold my head straight for the rest of my life."
I could be quite melodramatic back than. xD'

Maybe Ietrin will have to dodge a few poisonous arrows himself in his future. xD

Van said...

Yep, this happened after waking up too and has been persisting all day. I'm a pretty restless sleeper.

Ietrin could maybe use a few poisonous arrows to keep him on his toes. ;)

Toffeemuffincupcake said...

Hot beanbags draped around the neck have always been my way of coping with a stiff neck, and they're so comforting :3

Can't wait to see who Raia manages to rope in. I'm assuming noone in their right mind would allow Florian to teach?

Van said...

Thanks for the tip! I'm not sure if I have any beanbags around here, but I'll look around to see if I can find anything similar.

As fun as it would be to have Florian teach, I think he's happy with his current job. But rest assured that we will see Florian at least a couple times during the university planning phase. ;)

(Welcome, by the way! :) )

Anonymous said...

They can put Florian in charge of developing university traditions. ;) He's bound to come up with at least a few doozies that will lead future generations of students to ask, "And why are we doing this?" (And somebody else will need to come up with a good story to tell those future generations of students, something that will at least sort of make sense.)

And good job, Morgan, grabbing literature before anybody else could take it! ... Er ... I mean ... volunteering to help out in this grand venture. Yeah. That's exactly what I meant.

Also, if Lettie is going to be handling political science, Ietrin ought to stay far, far away from her -- the last thing he'll be able to put up with is yet another woman telling him everything he's doing wrong. ;)

Though if he'd listen to just one of those women, he'd probably be a lot better person ...

Van said...

Florian would dig that job. XD He'd also make a fantastic mascot. He wouldn't even need an animal costume or anything. The school teams could just be The Florians.

Heehee... well, apart from Cherry, Morgan is the one person here who does have tangible expertise in one of the outlined disciplines, so it made sense that she wouldn't have to fight for literature. But yep, she did get a good one! :)

I can't imagine that Ietrin has ever had much reason not to stay away from Lettie, but yeah, I doubt he'll be heeding her counsel any time soon, even if she ends up teaching at the university for the rest of their mutual lives and becomes an indisputable expert.

I suspect that Ietrin's failure to regard the women around him will ultimately be his downfall. But in the mean time, I am looking forward to seeing Annette put him in his place in Boys of Summer...