March 8, 2009

In Which Honora Is Promised Something Special

November 28, 1156

"No, Had, you shouldn't say things like that!" Honora scolded her son softly. She had been attempting to further his vocabulary by asking what his father said in certain situations, but it was proving not to be the best of ideas.

"Really, what does Papa say when a horse gets out of the barn?"

"Goddammit!" exclaimed Hadrinian gleefully once more.

Honora sighed. "Had, will you please say something else for Mama? Anything else?"

Had shook his head. "No!"

So the kid already had a sense of humor. Perhaps that was reassuring.

Sighing, Honora pulled herself to her feet, then bent down to take her baby in her arms. Had cringed slightly; Adonis was a notorious tickler, and the boy had grown used to bracing himself.

"Oh, relax, you silly boy! It's only Mama."

"Mama," he repeated, resting his tiny hand on her collarbone. Swearing aside, he was such a sweet little boy, and Honora was sure that he would grow up to be very handsome, just like his father. She was glad to know that this baby, at least, would have a decent shot at life.

"Good morning, Honora," her husband greeted her as he ascended the stairs into the attic.

"Good morning, Adonis," she replied. "How are things at the keep?"

Adonis frowned. "Well, Alina's still a little moody after having given birth, but she seems to be in somewhat better spirits now. Severin invited us for supper tonight; what do you say? I'm sure Alina would be happy to see you."

"I would be happy to see her as well," Honora agreed. "What do you think, Had? Do you want to see Raia and her new baby brother tonight?"

"Girl," stated Had bluntly, a slight smile on his face.

Adonis chuckled under his breath. "I think a lord's daughter is a little above your station, son."

Had's sea-green eyes widened in confusion as he stared blankly at his father.

"Oh, don't tease him, Adonis!" exclaimed Honora. "He's just growing up, that's all."

"I know," Adonis insisted. "Anyway, Honora... sit with me?"

Nodding, Honora gently placed Had on the floor, kissed him on the forehead, and took a seat on the couch.

"I can't believe that Had will be sleeping all alone in this drafty old attic soon," she sighed as Adonis set himself down beside her. "He's been in that crib in our bedroom his whole life."

Adonis smiled in agreement. "He's outgrowing that bedroom, though; it's not big enough for three, or at least three so big."

He turned his head toward her. Reflexively, she tried to avoid his eye; if there was anyone Honora trusted, it was Adonis, but Honora was still relatively new to the whole idea of trust.

"Anyway, I was thinking," he began slowly, "we've been married for close to two years now, and... I don't know when your birthday is."

"December fourteenth," she answered promptly, "but I don't see why it matters."

"How old will you be?"

Why was he asking this? Why did he want to know all of a sudden?

"Twenty. But Adonis... why the sudden curiosity?"

Adonis exhaled quickly. "Well... I missed your nineteenth. If you don't mind, I'd like to do something special for your twentieth."

"Special?" repeated Honora, her brow furrowed. Never in her life had anyone done anything 'special"'for her, nor had she ever expected it; she'd always figured she'd die not knowing what 'special' felt like, and would be none the wiser.

"I can't promise it'll be great," Adonis muttered apologetically as he placed his arm around her shoulders. "But if you don't mind... I'd really like to try."

Honora smiled. "Well, if you want to try... then who am I to stop you?"



Dinuriel said...

Sorry if this was really just some random fluff. I just figured I needed at least one moderately happy post between two rather unhappy sequences.

Phoenix said...

Oh gosh, oh gosh!! I just read your comment! I was all like awwww and then suddenly NOOO!!! Because I see Falidor in the next chapter picture!! Ugh! I guess his mom isn't do so hot huh? *sigh*

I like a little fluff every now and again!:)

Penelope said...

WHAT??? It took Adonis 2 years and 1 baby to ask Honora how old she is???

Dinuriel said...

Phoenix: Don't worry, Falidor's mom is okay for now. It's too soon after Electra's death. I would only kill off two characters this close together if their deaths were somehow linked. Besides, I made a sim for Falidor's mom, so I kind of hope to have her make an appearance before she goes.

Penelope: Yep. Adonis and Honora do love each other, but they barely know each other because they're so awkward and shy around each other. Each thinks of the other as some sort of deity, so conversation is somewhat uncomfortable because both of them feel unworthy of the other's time. Their floor might as well be made of eggshells, since they're always weighing their words because they don't know what will and won't offend the other. I doubt Honora knows how old Adonis is (for the record, he's twenty-eight). I'm sure things will get better for them once they have a few more kids and Had gets old enough to bridge the gap between his parents.