November 20, 2016

In Which Nato Is Presented With a Waste of Time

March 2, 1203

"Nato! How's my favorite former housemate?"

It wasn't an answer, but Nato had no more polite a response than a skeptical tilt of the head. In truth, he didn't doubt that he was at the bottom of Falidor's list in that category--and the only reason Falidor wasn't in that same position for him was that he'd made no active efforts to get to know anyone he'd lived with at the university and therefore lacked the data to accurately rank. That, and perhaps that Falidor only annoyed him by virtue of being Falidor, as opposed to someone like Darry who went out of his way to be a pain in the ass.

But whatever Falidor thought of Nato, the idea of an acquaintance he almost never saw dropping by without notice and requesting to see him specifically would have been difficult enough to wrap his head around even if the two of them did have anything in common. "I think we'd both leave this conversation in a better mood if you just got to whatever point you have in coming here."

"Right." Falidor stretched his grimace further, as if that didn't do more harm than good to their current standing. "It's the first Sunday of March."


"So... tomorrow's Ditch Day."

"Oh." Of course that would have been a notable occasion for Falidor even after he'd graduated. For Nato--well, he could think of at least one person with influence over Falidor who might have thought he ought to get out more. "Shit. Your brother put you up to dragging me to some drunk-fest on campus, didn't he?"

"To be fair, I think your sister put him up to putting me up to it, but yes."

Nato caught the side of his tongue between his teeth. Shahira, of all people, thinking he needed to party more. More likely Aldhein was just covering his own ass by feigning her involvement. "Falidor, if I wanted to go to those parties, I would have done so when I was still living on campus."

"I know--but now you can go with the smug superiority of a graduate! That sounds rather more your speed to me."

Nato's eye twitched. If Falidor thought that, then he might not have been Falidor's least favorite after all; Falidor was, apparently, a terrible judge of character. "Actually, that sounds like an even bigger waste of time. Aldhein really should have given you some hint about how to bribe or threaten me into going, if either of you care that much whether or not I do."

"He should have, for sure. But now that you mention it, I seem to remember him saying a while back something about how you hit your head during training and you didn't want your mother to find out?"

Well. Fuck me. "...Fine. But I'm not staying long."



Van said...

Throat feels like I swallowed a box of nails...

Ann said...

Oooooh, blackmail is it? I didn't see that coming. ^^ Falidor doesn't really seem like the type. But then I can't really say what type he is.
I'm increasingly confused at the lot of youngsters running around in Naroni. Really can't keep them straight anymore. Who belongs to who and who did what to whom, leading up to which event. It's all mixing up in my head. ~~

Van said...

Ha, yeah... with the exponential population growth, Naroni's reached the point where only a small percentage of founder descendants can get much screen time unless time slows to a crawl (and I'd probably rage-quit if it did, since so much of the fun in Naroni for me is the demographic stuff).

Falidor is Florian and Thetis's youngest son, meaning that he and Nato are actually brothers-in-law, what with his brother Aldhein being married to Nato's sister Shahira. He's also BFFs with Darry.

Van said...

*second youngest. I should really read what I type sometimes. XD