November 29, 2016

In Which Honora Asserts the Importance of Fun

March 2, 1203

"You know? I can't say I'm sad that we left that party early," Honora mused as she settled into her suitor's lap. She didn't dislike parties, exactly, and neither did Francois, but they'd been courting long enough now that they didn't need forty other people on hand as potential social catalysts--and they hadn't been courting quite so long as to risk being sick of each other. And tonight? They'd both happened to be in a mood for a quieter, more intimate evening.

The party at the inn had offered anything but.

"You're telling me. I'm sure my mother would have protested sending us all here if she'd known I'd have a housemate who'd one day get himself kicked out of an inn by using their ornamental target for a pissing contest."

"Ah, but she does know that said housemate is the Baron of Hoprine." And she hoped Koradril Andronei knew how lucky he was that titles were inherited! She found him amiable enough, but he had no sense of responsibility and little inclination to think before acting. He wouldn't have been named baron on merit.

"True. She'd be more concerned with how drunk Lileina is right now, which is why no one can ever tell her." Francois shook his head, somewhere between fondness and concern. His twin sister's night had so far included a naughty-limerick-turned-ballad performed from a tabletop and her betrothed's dessert stuffed down her corset--plus the dare she'd issued for him to retrieve it. "At least she's having fun, I suppose. I was worried about her having a match brokered by mother, but it's good to know that there wasn't much need to be."

"Fortunately for Arkon, 'younger brother of a duke' means more for your mother than his actually being... you know. Fun." She grinned as Francois let out a chuckle. She wouldn't have made fun of most people's mothers to their faces, but Lady Odette had inspired in her children little more attachment than was obligatory. It was a sad state of affairs, but the bright side was that--if things between her and Francois continued to go well--Honora dared hope she could talk him into staying in Naroni after he graduated.

"He's certainly that. My only concern would be him and Lileina not having an ounce of seriousness between the two of them, but given that my mother produced Lileina, they'll probably spawn children who wouldn't know playtime if it hit them in the face."

"What a dreadful fate for a child!" But they could joke, because no doubt neither Arkon nor Lileina would stand for that. Plus, those children would one day attend the university and all the parties it offered, where even the most intense seriousness could be conquered with the right combination of antics and ale. She couldn't recall her grim cousin Nato, for one, ever being quite so drunk or so bold with unfiltered laughter. She certainly didn't think tight-wound Aspen Torgleid had ever let a man have a peek under her skirts!

"I'd say. The most miserable thing a kid can be is a little adult, and I ought to know; I was raised as one."

"That's probably why your sister does everything she can to make up for all the lost fun and games--and why I'm sometimes baffled as to why you don't."

"Oh, I think I do." He looped his arms around her waist and yanked her closer; she let out the rush of exhilaration in her core through a girlish giggle. "I picked you, didn't I?"

"I suppose you did--and if it's fun you want, perhaps I ought to demonstrate why you picked right."



Van said...

Honora is Asalaye and Lonriad's younger daughter. Francois is Dame Renata's youngest brother.

Ann said...

Damn, am I glad that the children of that harpy are turning out to be so well-adjusted!

And a big Oh my! to Nato's and Aspen's getting letting loose! I really hope they'll finally get somewhere between them!

Van said...

I guess the Mokonri/saner-branch-of-the-Sadiels genes did well to balance out Odette. None of her kids are objectionable, even if Renata and Maelle have had their issues getting along just due to lack of anything in common and Odette's constant praise of ladylike Maelle in comparison to tomboyish Renata.

Nato and Aspen were both in desperate need of a loosening, but a wild party might not have been the perfect venue for either of them to do so.