July 17, 2016

In Which Rina and Severin Are Free

August 1, 1201

Not even five seconds since returning home and Rina couldn't contain her giddiness any longer. "I can't believe they're finally gone!"

Technically, the quadruplets had started at the school in April--but, their first term had been a brief introduction. There had been a few short sessions, most of which encouraged the attendance of at least one parent and all of which were brief enough that it wasn't worth leaving school property anyway, but most April through July had been a series of half-mandated playdates to encourage the children to get to know their closest peers. This would be the first day of school proper.

And while Rina herself had hated school to the point where she felt guilty about thinking it... what a relief it was.

Severin, at least, didn't seem to mind the hypocrisy--if he didn't outright share it. "I know, right? I can't remember the last time I looked at my sleeve and there wasn't a kid wiping snot on it."

"Me neither! I love them, but why did they all have to be born at once?" Rina sighed. Sure, having four kids reasonably spread between one and twelve would have had its downsides as well... but Rina couldn't think of any that she wouldn't have been willing to put up with in exchange for the difficulties of four perpetually at the same wild stage. "We're finally free."

"We are." Her husband smirked. "And neither of us are working today either."

"Indeed." That was by design--but worth noting again. "No patients, no clients, no children. Just several hours before we have to pick them up, and anything we can imagine to fill that time."

"And I know where I'd like to start." Severin leaned in, stubble brushing Rina's cheek, his nose nudging her hair out of the way en route to her ear. "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?"

After all these years of quadruple chaos? How could she not have been?

"Oh God, yes."



Van said...

Given the next few posts, I figured a brief bit of fluff was in order...

S.B. said...

Surprisingly, a lot more romantic than it would seem, too. Sleep. Just sleep.

Orilon said...

That didn't go the way I expected, but I can imagine that they didn't get much sleep when the quads were under school age. While I can understand why they would want the kids more spaced out, its probably better for Rina's health that they weren't.

Possible unpopular opinion alert: and in the preview, we see someone that I admittedly sort of want to die in childbirth (she greatly annoys me with her whiny obnoxious brattiness, the same with her mother.)

Van said...

Beth: Yep! Nothing wrong or particularly unromantic about just sleeping every now and then (especially when you have four five-year-olds).

Orilon: Yeah, it was definitely better for Rina's health. She and Severin both get that, but that doesn't stop them from banging their heads against the wall over the quads every now and then. XD

I could see where Yvanette could be annoying, but... I don't know. The thing that turns me off of a lot of historical fiction is a constant theme of "your lot in life" and the character just has to accept it, no matter how unfair their situation is or how unsuitable they really are for that role. Honestly, I'd rather see someone go down kicking and screaming than to just resign themselves to everyone else's expectations. So, that's come to be how I tend to write a lot of my characters with limited control over their lives, even though Naroni definitely doesn't qualify as straight-up "historical fiction".

Diana Myers said...

This post perfectly sums up parenthood at that age :)

Van said...

Thanks! Glad it worked. :)

Ann said...

XD you got me!

Yay for kid-free hour! And sleep well, you two. ^^

Van said...

I'm sure they will! XD