July 28, 2016

In Which Celina Is a Hypocrite

September 19, 1201

"Can't say I'm surprised to see that you're looking ravishing." Marsden's kiss to Celina's hand lingered rather longer than was proper. Though it was still tame by her standards, she'd take any and all sensuality she could get today.

She was not looking forward to this wedding.

It wasn't like her to be jealous--if she enjoyed multiple partners, then why should she deny those she cared about that same opportunity?--but something about Nearina Tamrion inspired more hypocrisy in her than most. And it was stupid, as Celina had never had Nearina and probably never would, as Nearina was obviously smitten with Oswald and had never so much as glanced at anyone else so far as Celina had noticed. But... well, before she'd even bled, before she'd discovered she could change her body at will, Nearina had been the first girl she'd ever noticed. Perhaps she'd even been the first person she'd ever noticed, as the first boy was apparently so insignificant in the short term to have vanished from her memory entirely. Whether it had ever been a possibility or not, there was an undeniable notability about the woman who'd taught her that she liked women.

"Are you all right?"

"Mmm... still recovering somewhat from my exam yesterday." She didn't like to lie to Marsden any more than necessary, so it was a lucky thing that was true enough. "I have no idea why Nearina couldn't wait until after term was over to get married--and same with Honora, for that matter."

"Well, don't take my word for it--but rumor has it that Nearina and Oswald might have gotten something of a head start on their young family." Marsden winked; Celina must have done a better job at masking her disgust at the thought of Nearina with Oswald than she'd thought. "And then Honora probably thought that as the older twin, she ought to be married first."

"That's a bit ridiculous, isn't it?"

"I agree, but I suppose with neither of us being twins, we wouldn't know."

"Mmm. That's true." So considerate--so aware that his own heart was not the only one that felt, that his own mind was not the only one that thought. It was why Celina had come to love him. It was an invaluable quality.

And while the last thing she needed was to feel like even more of a hypocrite... well, if she were ever tested, she hoped she'd be at least as jealous over him as she was over Nearina.

"So... shall we see if anyone else is ready to head to Tetran? Or would you prefer a more private walk?"


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