February 10, 2016

In Which Thetis Asks Properly

April 4, 1198

Thetis popped a hip to the side and continued to admire her reflection. Yes--this would do nicely. What better way was there to break in a new house (and a new bed!), after all? And why not treat her lover to the sight of her in an elaborate, barely-there slip? It was their first night in their home together, after all; they'd only ever have one of those.

She cupped a hand beneath one of her breasts and tried to prop it upward. The bust of the garment was small enough to magnify any cleavage by comparison, but her breasts still felt somewhat inadequate. Thetis pouted. Figured, really, that CeeCee had ended up with the great chest--despite her taste for men resulting in who knew how many pregnancies that would have them swell even larger anyway. Not even remotely fair.

Hmm... nice ass, though, she tried to reassure herself. The mirror confirmed that she did, at least, have that going for her.

"Sorry for keeping you waiting," called Honora from the bathroom. "I'm almost done."

"No, take your time; I'm preparing a little housewarming present for you."

"Housewarming? Thetis, I've been living here for months now!"

"Not with me, you haven't." Thetis nudged the that met above her hip, a little more skin in plain view. "Besides--don't think I won't take any excuse to thoroughly spoil the woman I love."

"Aww, that's sweet. I actually have something for you too."


"Hang on--" The door creaked open as Thetis made a few last minute fidgets with her hair, but shut again before she could turn ahead. "Uh... did you commission something from Mistress Corran too?"

Thetis jerked back from the mirror and blinked. Sure, Mistress Corran's most infamous design had its own secret popularity to hear CeeCee tell it, but of all the women who might have sought it... well, suffice to say, Thetis would have guessed that Honora would have been more keen to see it on her than to wear it herself.

Not that Thetis much minded the thought of Honora in such a garment. No... not at all. "Well, this ought to be fun. We can play at being two harem girls after hours, fooling around behind the back of their disgusting fat keeper."

"To be honest, I think I'd have to work my way up to scenarios; I feel silly enough wearing this thing, especially after peeking through the door and seeing how stunning you are."

"Next to you?" Thetis snorted. "Not a chance. Let me take a look, beautiful."

The door opened again, and this time, Honora stepped out.

And Thetis could scarcely recall the definition of the word 'disappointment'.

"My God." Honora, in her same outfit--only with more ample breast, only with a healthy glow to her skin, only in pink. Thetis couldn't stand pink when anyone else wore it, but she loved it on Honora. "You... I don't even have words for it. I just want to keep looking at you forever."

"Well... you don't have to just look." Honora giggled, blushing all the while; Thetis grazed the warmth of her cheek with a loving hand. "I'm glad you like it."

"I love it. And I love the flowers in your hair." Her favorites, from the garden--their garden. Honora had sought out Thetis's parents' gardener herself. "Not as much as I love you, though."

She took Honora by the hand and spun her closer, kissing her way up her bare arm. Her other hand walked its fingers across Honora's hip, lacing beneath the line of the slip--and soliciting a sigh in its wake. "I'm so glad you talked me into living together."

"Me too." Thetis planted a kiss to Honora's neck and looped her arms around her love's waist. She might as well have been hugging her own beating heart. "Marry me."

Startled, Honora turned herself back around--not upset by the smile on her face, and not unwilling by the weakness in her knees, but nonetheless surprised. "If only we could be married!"

"Well, we practically will be, living together--even if we have to keep quiet about it." Thetis shrugged. "Besides, Xeta and Camaline are married."

"What?" Honora's eyelids flickered in disbelief as Thetis brushed back a strand of that rich dark hari. "But they... they couldn't be!"

"Well, not legally--but in the eyes of God, they are. Xeta told me herself." And a happier, more hopeful secret she couldn't recall ever hearing. "Brother Sieron married them. He's fond of men himself, apparently. And if God didn't strike him dead after marrying Xeta and Camaline, surely he wouldn't mind marrying us."


Thetis took Honora by the waist and dipped her downward. "Truly. I don't see why any pesky legal technicalities ought to override a God-sanctioned wedding. Isn't God supposed to delight in love, after all?"


"And the day's still young! After we christen our bed, we'll still have plenty of time to don our best dresses and ride to Armion. And you can wear those pretty flowers in your hair."

"That... that does sound good." Full lips wide and eyes like sunlight, Honora stepped back and took a second to catch her breath. Even a sigh looked sexy on her. "Perhaps... would you mind asking me properly?"

Thetis's heart skipped, ready to sprout wings and fly laps about her torso. Right then, Honora could ask nothing of her that she would have minded. "I'd enjoy nothing more."

She dropped to her knee and reached for that soft, gentle hand.

"Honora Indruion: will you marry me?"


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