February 24, 2016

In Which Celina's Summer Meeting Concludes

August 7, 1198

"I must say: from what I've seen here, our arrangement seems to be working as planned in both kingdoms." Oswald gave a ruler's self-indulgent smile, the corners of his mouth lifting just enough to convey his pleasure. Roderick had done that when he'd been alive, but it had only ever looked forced and foolish on him; Oswald wore the regal grin as if he'd been born with it. "You've kept me as informed as I'd hoped to be on the workings of the kingdom, but not to the point where anyone's trust has been shattered--and I daresay both your son and the queen trust me more than they would have without such an explicit endorsement from you, knowing I have no interest in infringing on their lands."

"The people are somewhat more at ease about that too," Celina added--though it had made her feel shamefully out of touch to learn that a Dovian reclamation was such a concern among a primarily Dovian populace! Well, beyond the extent to which war always was a concern, that was.

"The people of Dovia as well. I don't expect much to change by December, but regardless, we should still reconvene then."

Celina nodded. Under the laws of both kingdoms, they only needed to see each other once a year in order to keep their marriage valid, but to err on the side of caution--just in case something kept the would-have-been traveling party in the kingdom unexpectedly--they'd opted to meet biannually. Oswald had arrived in July, just in time for Celina's birthday, and stayed the whole month to get a scope of things here. Oswald's birthday was in early December; Celina doubted she'd stay nearly so long, to the point where she was confident she'd be home by Christmas, but the birthdays were well-spaced enough that they made logical target dates, and they'd keep to them as long as they worked.

"Has anything else come up on your end that you want me to keep in mind before we meet next?"

"Nothing comes to mind, no." Oswald--eager to hit the road, most likely--pulled her into a quick embrace and pecked her on the cheek. The kiss leaned far more toward fraternal than sexual, and while the marriage had been consummated, it was far more comfortable that way. "Any last concerns over here?"

"Nothing major--though, Leara apparently got a letter from her sister in Carvallon. Ramona plans on visiting some time next year."

"Ah, yes. Well, from what I've heard, she's a much more... stable figure than Carvallon's previous queen, if perhaps not as politically inclined." Oswald bit his lip, but a twinkle in his eye gave a bare hint of amusement. "Devidra did rule that country well as her son's regent, but her personal discipline leaves much to be desired. I do believe the last time I saw her was... thirty years ago? Roderick and I both visited Carvallon; I had young Searle along with me, and Roderick brought Severin. We had a productive conference, and she both stunned me with her smarts and shocked me with her language. That, and Severin was between marriages at the time, and I suspect Devidra spent most of the meeting with her foot in his crotch under the table."

Celina raised an eyebrow. Whatever Severin had done between his two marriages... well, that was in the past now, and at least he hadn't been breaking any commitments, and Lord only knew he how much he loved and respected both Alina and Nora. That said, it was odd to be reminded that such a time had existed, and odder still to be reminded by Oswald. "I hadn't pegged you for a gossip, cousin."

"And I usually strive not to be, but the events surrounding a sleepless night spent in the bedroom right beside the one in which your cousin loudly copulates with a dowager queen tend not to leave the memory as quickly as one might prefer." He sighed, then took a few seconds to regain his composure. "My apologies for the lapse in decorum. I shall write to Ramona myself and tell her to notify me when she has a specific time in mind; I suppose Dovian and Carvalli royalty are overdue for a meeting, it might as well take place in neutral Naroni."

"That would probably be for the best." Assuming, that was, that Devidra opted not to come along with Ramona. If she did, then perhaps the Queen of Dovia would have business elsewhere--business that only Lord and Lady Veldora could tend to. "Write me when you reach Dovia as well; I at least would like to be assured of your safe return."



Van said...

Home stretch of February now. Weird that this month flew by. Weirder still that I've managed to keep updating despite being so busy. :S

Ann said...

Severin and ... Devidra??? O.O Good heavens!

So, Queen "Ramona" intends to visit? The Great Switch will finally be revealed. And I smell dramaz. I hope it will be pleasant dramaz for all involved.

Can't wait to see all the Queens (real and supposed) meet. ^^

Van said...

Once that thought hit me, it couldn't not be canon. XD But obviously nothing more will happen there. Severin's happily married, and Devidra has zero interest in any relationship beyond a purely sexual level. But yep, it happened.

Yeah... it's been long enough now that any post-reveal damage at this point will along a superficial gossip level. Not much else anyone can do at this point.