January 5, 2015

In Which Cherry Declares the Year of Morgan

December 8, 1188

"You know, when I asked you to attend the birth, I didn't say you had to come and stay at my house as soon as my due date approached." But teasing aside, Cherry was glad that Morgan had opted to do so anyway. She still had as much fun with Nythran and Haldred as ever, but Haldred had school five days a week, and Morgan's fixed hours made for more reliable company than Nythran's long and open days.

"Oh, it was no trouble." And that was partly why Morgan had been her first choice for the birth. She always knew when she was joking and when she was serious. "It will be nice for Vera and Lucien to have the house to the family for a few days. And I think Viridis has a bit of a crush on Haldred, so she's happy to be here."

"Ah, kids and their crushes." Haldred, alas, had a betrothed, as most noble adolescents tended to have. While Nythran had grown up in a world where that was the norm, he and Cherry had agreed to leave their mutual children to their own devices in that department. Not that Cherry was itching to pluralize 'child' any time soon. "I wish this kid would hurry up and come out. My bladder wasn't built for kickboxing."

"I definitely don't miss that part," Morgan agreed as she settled on Nythran's side of the bed.

Cherry didn't know what she could say to that. Morgan's baby, after all, had died.

Luckily, Morgan herself chose to change the subject. "I'm glad the year is almost done. I won't miss 1188 much."

With the whole pregnancy ordeal, Cherry wouldn't either. But Morgan, so far as she knew, was not in any similar condition. "Too many of your intuitions?"

"A few, yes. I mean, I'd much rather help the people I can than not, but... I don't know. Sometimes, I feel that my life just isn't about me."

"That's got to be frustrating." It was, after all, Morgan's life. "Here's hoping next year's better that way. 1189: the Year of Morgan."

Morgan snickered. "What would that entail, I wonder?"

"Whatever you want it to. Several good books, ample writing time, picnics with your daughter... maybe a couple handsome men with their tunics off..."

Another laugh--this one more of a snort. "It's been quite a while since I last saw a handsome man with his tunic off."

"Don't tell Raia, but there's a hole in the wall of the changing room at the training grounds." Cherry winked. "And while we're at it, don't tell Nythran either."

"I won't--but that's not really my style." As if the eye roll hadn't said it. "If I were to see a man in that position, I'd rather it not be just any man."

"Fair enough." Cherry clasped her hands, wedding ring warm against the side of her finger. "And whether you find your 'not just any man' or not--on behalf of all your friends, I personally guarantee that this next year will be a good one. Promise."


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